It is the end of the year. The majority of people are out shopping for Christmas and for the New Year. Some of that shopping

Best Mobile Internet Package of 2011

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BlackBerry Complete plus BlackBerry 9860
It is the end of the year. The majority of people are out shopping for Christmas and for the New Year. Some of that shopping is bound to include mobiles; right?

I have been taking a look at the current mobile landscape in Nigeria and I thought I would suggest a few things to our readers in terms of both devices and internet plans.

Service Plan

If you are looking for the best mobile internet deal in the country right now, look no further than Etisalat’s BlackBerry Complete plan.


  • BlackBerry Messenger
  • Internet Browsing
  • One web based email
  • One BB email
  • Social networks
  • Instant Messaging
  • BB App World
  • There is no data cap i.e. unlimited downloads
  • 20k/sec on calls to any network in Nigeria
  • Cost: N1,500 per month

While several mobile operators offer monthly bundle plans that cost between N1,000 and N1,600, the data cap of 100-200 MB means that you are pretty limited. Other networks also offer Blackberry Complete plans, but only Etisalat gives you unlimited internet access.

Etisalat’s Blackberry Complete gives you the full BlackBerry internet Suite (though limited to only one email account, which will serve for most people), and no data cap on your usage.


If you don’t do lots of browsing on your mobile, any blackberry smartphone will do. Get the cheapest, the 8520 Curve (no 3G), and enjoy. Budget: N27,000 – N30,000.

If you do need 3G service, the cheapest is the 9300 Curve 3G. Budget: N40,000 – N45,000.

If you do a lot of web browsing on your mobile, a larger display is indispensable. As such you might want to get a BlackBerry device with a larger display e.g. the Torch 9860 (3.7-inch, 480 x 800 pixel full touchscreen) to use with this plan.

The Torch 9860 is a capable device that runs a 1.2GHz processor, 768 MB RAM and 2.5GB internal storage. There is an excellent web browser on board, and great media consumption features. It supports DivX/XviD out of the box and packs a 5 megapixel, auto-focus camera.

This device will set you back about N80,000.

Other Scenarios

Should you also need internet service on your laptop and other computing device, you can get a modem or mifi and activate one of the available plans ranging from 1.5GB to 6GB monthly for that purpose. I recommend that you get that service from an alternative network just so you don’t have a single point of failure.

However, it is your choice at the end of the day. You can also subscribe to one of the available Easyblaze plans on the same line that your BlackBerry is using – and then use that line and device as a modem with your PC.

Let’s say you have the BB Complete Plan running for N1,500, and also subscribe for a regular internet bundle for N4,000 (1.5GB), that’s a total of N5,500 for your monthly needs.

Each person’s mileage will vary.

If your employers provide a PC and internet access at work, you may not seriously need the regular internet bundle. In which case, with nothing more than the BlackBerry Complete plan and a Blackberry smartphone, your mobile internet needs are fully covered.


The purpose of this piece is not to force a single solution down everyone’s throat. But if you are concerned about the cost of your monthly internet subscription, you may want to consider this.

Disclaimer: Think about your needs and preferences in making purchases. What I have recommended here may not be what floats your boat.


  1. The points started here are spot on… Looking at nigeria right Now, the best deals are on blackberry! You get unlimited everything! Thats why am seriously considering a blackberry now..

    i think considering the subsequent amount you pay 4 data. Its better than android or any other platform!

  2. I Love The Disclaimer.

    As much as I love the Etisalat Blackberry Complate Plan, I can not leave live with 1web email. But that not withstanding, its Da BEST.

  3. hello, pls tell me more about these BB complete offered by all dis network providers. Does the internet access give me the browse and download anything I want? Bcos I dont have BB but wants to get one now for economic reasons(on my Nokia I spend 3K monthly for just 1GB of data frm glo).

    I told my frnd who uses BB and spend 2.8K about the glo CoMonth, but he keeps telling one cannot browse net with it or that there is limited browsing. Pls tell me more abt d browsing for that is what am intrested in. Thanks

  4. The Etisalat BBcomplete rocks, go for it. The trick (so to say) that I normaly use to get over the one email limitation is this, add your mostly use email to the device, then check other of your emails (if any) through your BB Browser, bookmark them for easy access. Enjoy!

  5. Mr. Mobility, I was hoping this article would include mobile data from other non-Blackberry platform. Disheartened since its not!

    However, if the Etisalat ‘s NGN1,500 is really unlimited, then it’s something. That still wouldn’t make me to get a Blackberry. But good luck to all the BB users that this article is meant for!

  6. Nothing beat that package for now….also with that blackberry touch. But I remember when Zain started this internet thing fast and cheap on edge then see them today, hope Eti will keep the flag flying…

  7. Though am not a fan of any Nigeria network ..but I think this etisalat bbcomplete is just the best..have being using it for couple of days now and its being awesome and d download is great….am just waiting pattiently for the day that unlimited browsing on pc and other mobile platform will be 1500 with great speed

  8. Your title is wrong for the writeup. It should read: ”Blackberry and Etisalat internet data plans.”

    I thought you wanted to do a comparison of all internet data plans available for all sorts of mobile devices. But you focus only on Etisalat and Blackberries.

    Besides, data plans for Blackberries defer from that available for other non-blackberry devices.

    I bet you think everybody uses a Blackberry, eh?

  9. i dont know why people randomly assume that every one uses a blackberry device, im a nokia fan but i tried out the blackberry 9300 for a while and in the end i had to go back to my nokia phone all this packages are just being rolled out to boost the blackberry sales

  10. Mr Yommmiiiii, I have definitely missed our discussions on twitter and looks like this is the only place I can reach you. I have to ask for those of us that are planning trips to Nigeria over the holiday and have seen the light and ditched Blackberry’s for good (as you know, i rep the Windows Phone camp ), what plans or internet services are available for us and which ones are the cheapest and the best? If possible, it’ll be nice to see a post on this cause everytime i try to fish out non-blackberry plans or services on their (MTN, GLO etc) websites, i get nothing or it just gets confusing. This happened last year too.

    Outside of me, I know many people out there will appreciate that post and its on here already, please direct me to it.

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