Innjoo One – Best Screen Guard packaging?

“Never judge a book by it’s cover” so goes the popular saying. I believe though that very few people will disagree that packaging is great! It attracts. The bible even says that; “…man looks at the outward appearance…” So, it’s logical that since we’re living in this world and interacting with men, outward appearance is a big deal to a certain extent. Anyway, this post isn’t about human being’s physical appearance!

But of course oftentimes, when we purchase anything we end up discarding the package and concentrate on the content – because after all that is what we PAID for. I ordered for the screen guard for my relatively “old” InnJoo One last Saturday and it was delivered this morning. I shouldn’t have been too surprised by the packaging that greeted me though based on their antecedents. The InnJoo One itself came in a very beautiful package that rivals the iPhones of this world.

They even threw in a practice piece, screen dust absorption sticker and application card in addition to the good old screen guard! Check the pictures below and let me know if this isn’t probably the best packaged mobile phone screen guard you’ve seen!


Outer & Inner packaging

Instructions Page & sales content

Instructions Page (English) & sales content

Instructions Page in Arabic

Instructions Page (In Arabic)


  1. They are in for business and since the climate for business is tough they have to distinguish themselves.

  2. Maybe it is their business strategy. It might also be that those at the helms of affairs have eyes for aesthetics. I personally would have bought any screen guard that meets my phone’s need even without all the paparazzi. Thumbs up to them whatever their reason might be.

    Note: With all the instructions I ended up not getting the screen guard perfectly fit. It takes skills & practice!

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