The phone with the best selfie camera of 2019 is here with a selfie camera that is as good as the main camera. All true selfie lovers and Insta celebs ought to be scrambling to get one.

This is the best selfie camera phone of 2019, and you should get one

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The best selfie camera phone of 2019 is here with a selfie camera that is as good as the one at the back. All true selfie lovers and Insta celebs ought to be scrambling to get one.

I regularly rant about how selfie cameras are a scam when pitted against the main camera on a phone. The picture quality of the former never matches with that of the latter. But in an age in which we take more selfies than any other kind of photos, a selfie camera that is as good as the rear camera is going to be a welcome development. And it is Samsung Mobile that pulled it off.

Samsung Galaxy A80 is the best selfie camera phone of 2019

The new Samsung Galaxy A80 has the ultimate selfie camera. How did they do it and what makes it the best selfie camera phone today? Simple: Samsung designed it with only one camera in the phone – a 48 MP triple camera that slides up and rotates forward for selfies. Have a look at this short video:

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Samsung says it is epic on both sides. I agree. Why sould I settle for lower grade photos when I need to take pictures of me? Bring this on, please. If you are keen on having the best selfie camera of 2019, this is it for now and will be a little difficult to beat.

The triple camera has a 48 MP main lens, an 8 MP ultra-wide angle lens with 123° field of view, as well as a 3D ToF lens, so we are looking at a very versatile camera here.

Samsung Galaxy A80 rotating camera - the best selfie camera of 2019
The Galaxy A80 has the best selfie camera of 2019


But Samsung isn’t the first to pull off a rotating camera. Not too long ago, back in 2013, OPPO Mobile had a rotating camera on the OPPO N1.

oppo n1 rotating camera top

But this is 2019, and Samsung has me drooling at the A80. The perfect selfie camera, and it is wrapped up in a metal frame and glass on both sides.

The triple camera setup promises great photos and the camera will swing to face you when you choose the selfie mode. The promise of great photographs is one thing; the cool factor is another. Until another manufacturer pulls off something better than what we see here, the Galaxy A80 has the best selfie camera of 2019.

Someone is going to raise some concern about the durability of those sliding and rotating mechanisms on the A80. This is not the first time we are seeing such features on smartphones and they have worked well. This is a premium device and I have no doubts that Samsung have tested those moving parts through and through.

Look on the bright side: If those moving parts do fail, you can as well sure them and make a few millions off the situation. LOL. Don’t take my word for it though: I am no legal authority.

Beyond the camera

There is more to the A80 than the rotating camera though. It has the new, Snapdragon 730 super processor, 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal storage (there is no memory card slot), a huge 6.7-inch display, a cool in-display fingerprint scanner, as well as a 3700 mAh battery and fast charging.

Samsung Galaxy A90
Samsung Galaxy A80 is also known as Samsung Galaxy A90, but don’t ask me why.

And it runs Samsung’s new One UI. Yay! If you haven’t experienced One UI, you are missing out on the best user experience on a smartphone today. In addition to its very human-friendly interface, One UI includes a built-in Night Mode. So, not only are you getting the best selfie camera, but also the best user experience.

It will cost you $730 or about NGN250,000 to own a Samsung A80, but those glorious selfies and having a really cool smartphone will make it worth the spend. It will go on sale from May 2019.

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