If you have ever wondered which is the best selfie camera smartphone, as I have, you do not have to worry any more. We have the

The best selfie camera smartphone: 2 phones share the top spot!

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If you have ever wondered which is the best selfie camera smartphone, as I have, you do not have to worry any more. We have the top 10 list here.

Everybody talks about the best camera phone in the market. And by that, they mean the smartphone with the best rear camera. But what of selfie camera, considering how many selfies we take on a daily basis?

As a rule, the selfie cameras on a phone produces lower quality photos than the main camera. One day, that may change, but for now, it is so. Facts are facts.

Which is why perhaps people should be more particular about how good the selfie camera on their smartphone is.

And thanks to DX0Mark, we can now know which is the best selfie camera smartphone and who the runners up are.

Yes; the camera testing service now tests selfie cameras! So, without spending too much time with this introduction (I’ve only typed out 6 paragraphs so far), let us unveil the winner.

best Selfie Camera smartphone 1

The best selfie camera smartphone

The top spot is shared by two Android smartphones, Google Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9!

Along with Samsung’s finest, Google’s latest has the best selfie camera smartphone in the market.

Not bad at all, considering the Pixel 3 missed the top spot in the main camera category.

While the two devices tied with points, they are almost as different as night and day. An excerpt from DX0Mark:

The Google Pixel 3 has the edge in terms of focus system, but the Note 9 achieves better results for exposure and color. Images captured with the Google device show slightly stronger contrast and a cooler white balance. The Samsung is a little better at exposing for faces and applies a little less contrast to faces, making for a slightly more natural look.

The noise-versus-detail trade-off is also very different between the two cameras, with the Pixel 3 just taking the win under typical indoor lighting conditions and in low light. Image results from both cameras are excellent, but the Google puts a lot of emphasis on texture and detail and therefore accepts some noise in Pixel 3 images, while Samsung engineers have opted for a cleaner image and made some sacrifices in terms of fine details.

..we liked the Pixel 3’s still image quality just a touch better than the Note 9’s, meaning that the Google phone is also the number one front camera for selfie still image quality. However, the Note 9 takes the crown for selfie videos..

If you want the best selfie camera phone in the market, what you want to do is get your hands on one of these two.

So which selfie camera phones made the top 10 list?

The best selfie camera smartphones in the market

best Selfie Camera smartphone 2

  1. Google Pixel 3 / Samsung Galaxy Note 9: 92 points
  2. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: 84 points
  3. Apple iPhone XS Max: 82 points
  4. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: 81 points
  5. Google Pixel 2: 77 points
  6. Huawei Mate 20 Pro: 75 points
  7. Samsung Galaxy S8: 73 points
  8. Huawei P20 Pro: 82 points
  9. Apple iPhone X: 71 points

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3’s selfie camera comes in a distant 2nd place. Look at that gap between the top spot and the 2nd place. That is huge.

xiaomi mi mix 3 magnetic slider

What other upsets do we see? The all-conquering Huawei smartphones whose main cameras have wowed us trail a bit when it comes to selfie cameras.

Apple iPhone XS Max is in 3rd place, and my darling Galaxy S9 Plus makes an appearance in 4th place. Mama, I made it! I still do not like its selfie photos. The photos from the main camera are much better.

The P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro are in 8th and 6th positions respectively. Awwww. You know what they say about how you can have everything but not all at the same time. It looks like it is true after all.

Anyway, now we know the best selfie camera smartphone for now. DX0Mark will be testing more selfie camera, and 2019 promises a deluge of exciting new phones. Anything can change at any time.

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