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5 Best Tech Gadgets & Accessories to Improve Productivity for Remote Workers

If you love nothing more than working in your pajamas from the comfort of your home, you’re definitely not alone; 18% of individuals work remotely full-time. However, working remotely might be a tad difficult since most people struggle with interruptions, chaos, and achieving the ideal office layout.


Carrying out normal work operations from your home – or wherever else you may be – should however not be much of an issue. You’ll only need to have the appropriate hardware, software, and support to complete your tasks successfully as a remote worker. This is why we’ve written this guide for you so that you discover the best tech accessories to make working remotely a breeze. 

Best Tech Gadgets & Accessories to Improve Productivity for Remote Workers

Mobile Hotspot Devices

One of the most crucial purchases you can make for remote working equipment is a mobile hotspot, whether you’re someone that travels frequently or you just like to have a backup. For both domestic and international networks, there are high-speed hotspots available, guaranteeing your internet connectivity wherever you are.

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For the majority of office-style workers, mobile hotspots — whether they are standalone devices or are connected to a smartphone via tethering — provide a crucial backup to shaky or downright unavailable internet connectivity.


The majority of use cases can be satisfied by 4G/LTE hotspots, which are widely available and offer download and upload speeds of up to 150Mbps. These devices come in a wide range of price ranges and feature sets, including those that support wired connections. It’s also a good idea to select a hotspot that satisfies 5G requirements because more networks are extending in this direction.

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Network Signal Booster

For traveling remote workers or those operating in more rural places — vacation properties, cottages, etc —  this is another piece of equipment you’ll find very useful. To ensure that you are always connected, a signal booster boosts a poor cellular signal. This is essential for your cell phone’s call quality and dependability as well as for mobile Internet (4G, 5G, etc.).

Audio Headsets

It’s a great idea to purchase a quality headset if you spend a significant portion of your working hours participating in video conferences. In particular, if your family, housemates, etc. are home when you’re working, you’ll not only be able to hear your clients/colleagues better but also give them privacy.


Online, there are lots of high-quality, reasonably priced headsets to choose from. While AirPods Pro or Apple Airpods are excellent for the majority of calls, they will most likely not offer the same level of quality and clarity as alternative options available for business use.

Look for headphones that offer great sound and background noise reduction. These headphones should also be really comfy (a function of extra padding), especially for lengthy video calls.

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Standing Desks or Laptop Stands

The standing desk trend continues to rule the world of remote work for a reason. Standing desks relieve back strain and provide many other health advantages. There are several standing desk solutions in various styles due to the demand.


If, however, a standing desk just isn’t for you, a laptop stand will still be useful. The best laptop stands should elevate your computer to the perfect viewing height, alleviating strain on your neck and shoulders. You’ll be more productive in addition to being more comfortable.

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Webcam and Microphone

Yes, your laptop and computer both have built-in webcams. However, regardless of whether you use a recent or more dated laptop or desktop system, there are numerous advantages to purchasing a separate webcam device. A webcam will record excellent HD video for a crisp image every time, especially if you’re constantly streaming or filming a live conference as part of your work every day.

Additionally, high-quality webcams come with microphones that are probably more effective than the one in your computer. You can always record audio that is crystal clear using these accessories.


Summarily, the entire point of working remotely is to work from any location that is most comfortable for you. However, you don’t have to choose between your comfort and the effectiveness of your work, so it’s a good idea to invest in great accessories that ensure maximum productivity in your personal space. Take a cue from our suggestions in this article, and don’t forget to share it with your friends and loved ones so they can also benefit from it.

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