The bestselling smartphone brands in India

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The title of fastest-growing smartphone market in the world belongs to India. According to IDC, 27.5 million devices were sold in India in the second quarter of 2016 alone. There are over 150 smartphone brands fighting for the purses of consumers in India. If you wonder what the current bestselling smartphone brands in India are, we have what you need.

The bestselling smartphone brands in India

  1. Samsung – The Korean manufacturer is top dog in India with a 25% share of the smartphone market.
  2. Micromax – Indigenous manufacturer, Micromax, holds the second spot with 20%.
  3. Lenovo – Next in line is Lenovo. This includes Moto smartphones, which are part of Lenovo’s product line.
  4. Intex – This is another Indian manufacturer.
  5. Reliance Jio – Reliance Jio is one of the newest mobile brands in the Indian market. Jio has a reputation for creating upsets in every area it touches.
  6. Lava – Indian mobile brand, Lava, is number 6 on the bestselling list.
  7. Xiaomi – This rave of China is making huge splashes in the Indian smartphone market as well.
  8. Oppo – Chinese, but making a splash in India.
  9. Vivo – Another Chinese brand, Vivo takes the 9th spot.

As you can see from the table above, Chinese brands are taking the market by storm. At the moment, four (4) Chinese brands are among the bestselling smartphones in India.

India has a population of 1.3 billion. That is huge. As such, you can imagine the opportunities that abound there. It is the world’s second largest smartphone market.

Despite that, feature phones still account for more than half of the total Indian mobile phone market. The smartphone penetration in India stands at 29.8%. That’s a little over 220 million smartphone users.

The Indian smartphone market is so vibrant that over 20 mobile phone brands now assembling their parts in the country.

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