Beware of these pop-up messages from MTN

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The way our mobile networks push out ads these days can be so annoying and sometime frustrating. They’ve graduated from sending multiple texts per day to spam calls. These robocalls initially came from funny looking 5-digit numbers. Now, (probably because of people rejecting or blocking their calls) they’ve migrated to using numbers we confuse to be personal phone numbers.

MTN Services

MTN has started sending out these pop-up adverts to people. If you’re not observant, you mistakenly press “OK” and you’re taken. Yes, just like that. The adverts come in the form of these screen shot above. See another tweet below form @JesseOguns.

It’s best you be cautious not to fall into this mess, because most times it’s hell to unsubscribe from such plans. Stay alert.


  1. One should also be wary of the robocalls, answering it might see u been subscribed to whatever the call was for. It happened to me once.

  2. in a civilized society, subscibers would have a regulatory body/agency to complain to and the offending TelCo would be fined. The FCC (US equivalent of the NCC) fines TelCos & the companies pushing the ads/calls, sometimes in millions of dollars

  3. The other day one of such numbers (0809 993 5050) called me but I couldn’t pick so I tried calling back. I hung up immediately I heard the automated recording but it was too late, I was charged 30 naira for the 3 seconds the call lasted.

  4. Each time one feels like quitting the Reformed FreeSurfer Confraternity, issues like this just gardens one’s heart.

    As a matter of fact, you are sometimes forcefully subscribed to some crap, and money regularly deducted for some nebulous service you never asked for.

    It’s a shame, and the regulatory authorities should come down hard on proven infractions..

  5. Instead of these guys to focus on delivering top notch services, they are busy looking for ways to meet target revenue generation at the expense of consumers.

    Lets see how NCC will react to this.

    The other day, YVonne Nelson was calling my line asking me to enrol for audioBlog and im like….WTF. I hung up straight without listening to another word

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