Beware!! It takes just one text from ‘Stagefright’ to invade your Android device

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Security researcher with Zimperium zLabs, Joshua Drake has made some interesting discoveries on a hack that affects almost every Android device. This exploit called ‘Stagefright’ is said to be able to invade Android devices, steal data from them, and even perform audio/video recordings without the knowledge of the device owner.


Touted as the worst Android flaw ever, Stagefright is activated through an MMS message sent to the target device. Worst of all, (in most cases) the recipient receives no buzz or notification. This hack is also claimed to not only steal your data, but also access to manipulate Bluetooth and to view pictures in your microSD card.

Drake has reached out to major phone manufacturers (which includes Sony, Lenovo, HTC, Motorola, Samsung and LG) with a patch to fix the problem. So far only HTC has replied feedback saying the patch will be included in their next set of updates.

It’s also funny to note that Android 2.2 devices downwards are immune to this hack. There’s no word on whether it’s restricted to rooted or unrooted devices. Let’s hope our devices don’t get compromised.


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