It is no news that I write. Yes; everybody writes. But I write. I have been writing since primary school. I had my first article

Beyond Mobility – Your Thoughts

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It is no news that I write. Yes; everybody writes. But I write. I have been writing since primary school. I had my first article published in a national daily as a junior secondary school student. I wrote, published and sold comic book stories while in secondary school.

I always had some of the best results in essay writing and composition. I was a member of the Press Club and both wrote and read news for public consumption.

In the last several years, I have written this for blog and my personal blog. I have also written for other media including Tell Magazine and Mobile World, among others.

I am a multi-dimensional person. Beyond mobile, I write fiction – science fiction, thriller and romance inclusive. I also love to write about my personal adventures – with cars, movies, travel, etc.

In the last one year, there has grown a gnawing desire to write more. Already, I have drafts of two stories on ground.

My Dilemma

My dilemma is that I do not want to diffuse my energy in different directions. I don’t want to have to create other blogs or platforms for these different areas. It just gets distracting for me.

For example, I find it difficult to give adequate attention to my personal blog anymore. My focus is mostly here on Mobility.

I have been thinking – would it be okay to add these different areas of writing to this blog? This would mean that this blog would no longer be strictly about mobile.

Mobile content will continue to be core, because of the brand “Mister Mobility”, but then there would be more stuff to enjoy.

From Mobility Blog to Mister Mobility’s Blog?

If we go with that flow, we would probably now call the Blog “Mister Mobility’s Blog” or something to reflect that its not just mobile but the writings of this individual called by that name.

The URL would remain the same. No need to touch that. It is a reflection of the Mister Mobility brand, so its cool.

But it would mean that this blog is evolvong yet again. I’m not afraid of that if the readers are cool with it.

Any dynamic life itself is a series of evolutionary steps.

Your Feedback Please

I would appreciate you all (even those faithful readers who have never commented here before) to chip in your thoughts. As always, you matter to me. I will take your suggestions into consideration in taking a final decision.

The question in brief: Would you like to see this blog include more content beyond just mobile? In addition to mobile, would you love to read also fictional works from me in the areas of romance, thriller, science fiction, as well as my adventures in areas of personal interest?

Thanking you in advance.


  1. I rather would like for mobility blog to remain as it is, strictly focused on mobile oriented topics, i would love to see reviews on tariffs and things pertaining to the nigerian telecom industry and nothing more. making a blog like this increasing personal might be fun at first but later it might not really play well to your readership.

  2. Personally I really wouldn’t mind but it would ruin bizness for you oh!

    Mobility was built around mobile technology things and most of the guys here are geeks.

    The minute you throw in romantic stuff and what have you, then go leave you for the nearest competition.

    Even dear ol’ Google will begin to wonder what the site is now all about.

  3. My vote, No.
    The site should remain as is and evolve in the tech/ mobility stream it is in now. You should start another blog for your other interests. It would take the same amount of energy and time to post on this blog as it would on any other blog you created.

  4. Now, I’m beginning to loose interest. Mobility, as the name, is what is driving this blog, dabbling in all those prose mentioned above will eventually result to it loosing its ‘WAND’. I foresee dark loom:(

  5. Mobile only content should continue please…your can run the other blog separately

  6. Chukwudi,

    Business will suffer? Really?

    A wider scope will bring in much more people than geeks (who are always the minority) – translating into more traffic and advert patronage and more sales from the Mobility Store.

    Business wise, its a winner 😉

  7. @Mister_Mobility: from my own view sha, I don’t see peeps interested in romantic stuff buying hi-end mobile devices oh!

    Unless you’re planning on selling stuff aside from mobile phones and services, I really don’t see how this translates into better bizness.

    You’d have to consider the financial standing of the traffic you are attracting.

    I stand to be corrected but it’s like Linda ikeji suddenly going all techy on her readers!

    Rebellion will follow! Lol

  8. Strictly mobility please or you’d receive a class action law suit for diluting our daily menu and breach of contract.

    Seriously, I understand this dilemma and going through the same phase but I won’t vote for diluting this blog with other things. Either way, all the best. 🙂

  9. Capital No. Mobility should strictly contain exclusive mobile post. I personally opened a separate blog just for my 3 weeks experience in camp ( I dont see it as diverting energy to something different. After all, it is all still writing 🙂

  10. I’m a huge fan of fiction. However, I read fiction WHEN I want to read fiction and come to mobility when I want mobile news, reviews and editorials. I would find myself less and less on mobility if I’m not sure what I’ll find when I get there. As a case study, I couldn’t bring myself to read those “mister mobility” shorts posted on here a while back. Even though they were probably related to mobile technologies, they broke my expectations of what I get when I access this blog.
    So, no. Stick to mobile news or risk alienating your core audience for the hope of attracting new and diverse audiences and hope someone doesn’t capitalize on that to launch a rival blog.

  11. ?i would rather this blog remain the way it has been, solely on mobile tech, let it remain so, as much as ?i will like to see all the other sides of mister mobility, ?i will still want Mobility blog to be for just MOBILE.

  12. Like Chukwudi said, Rebellion will follow and if mobility evolve, we will Revolt.

  13. I can understand how you feel Oga Mobility.However,I think it’s better to leave the blog as it is.A friend introduced me to this blog since over a year ago and it has remained a source of information till date.I think tweaking it may dilute all the core values of the blog.I think your itch for writing could better be served in another blog that is not as specialized as this one.Cheers!

  14. Mr Mobility, A Development like this does not need a Public Opinion before you make a Move towards it.

    Once you believe its gonna be Helpful to another Set people and even your current usersn Go for it but don’t let it make you move away from the Major Reason this Blog was Created for..

    Do it, They will get acquainted with it and even enjoy it better + another set of people will also join, Rather than dos Geeky Skull here.. (lol)

    I was once on a Cross Road like this when I wanted to add a music download section to my site, The Response from users are not that encouraging, I almost gave up but I just gave it a shot and now its fast turning into one of the Hottest Section on the Site with about 20,000 Downloads…

    Mr Mobility, Go Go Go, Your true Fans are with You..

  15. Simplicity is the greatest form of sophistication.
    LindaIkeji,BellaNaija can’t do mobiletech just as it won’t make so much sense to diversify this
    whole thing. Let all the talent, energy and resource be put to developing into da very best.

  16. It’s okay to include the other interests. Here are my reasons;
    – For mobility to move beyond it’s present position and attract more business, a look at those other aspect would be in order, as long as mobile only contents aren’t watered down.
    -Two items that seem unrelated can be fused together. Romance and phone. Dr Chuks, do you mean romantic people don’t have interest in contents current being published? I think they do. They are just intimidated by the qualify of comments. They read and go away.

    I think you should experiment it, create a specific section for it and see how out flies.

  17. @Jesseoguns: there might be romantic peeps reading the posts but if they ain’t commenting, they don’t contribute to the growth of the blog at all unless they are retweeting and facebook sharing!

  18. Personally I wouldn’t go to a blog to read romance and tech seeing I have no interest in romance reading whatsoever (but I could be in the minority). Now if it was about day-to-day interesting events and tech then yes, you’d have my attention.

    I’m with Chuks and a few others – I believe you should keep it primarily a tech blog, but stories like the one where you ran out in the rain, or whinged about the heat 😀 keeps it interesting.

  19. I can see that some “miscreants” here – especially those of you in the Mobility Blog BB Group – have started a movement/rebellion.

    You even now have a logo/mascot.

    I will invoke the full wrath of the law to silence all opposition. The SSS will be hunting for the masterminds of this rebellion.

    Resistance is futile! 😀

  20. Mister Mobility sir, don’t mind all those people saying this blog should not evolve. Go ahead, add in the romance & fiction & all, let the tech only readers get disinterested, you might lose old & faithful readers (like me), start from (almost) scratch again. Who knows, it could turn out good or bad.

    But you said it yourself in your personal blog, that we should go ahead and be adventurous and make some mistakes.
    IMHO, create another blog for another content. & I’m with Noni.

  21. ‘Would you like to see this blog include more content beyond just mobile?’

    Yes please! It would only make it more interesting. You can have different segments on the blog or something akin to that instead of having your readers move from blog to blog. Thank you.

  22. Mr. Mobility! I am of d opinion that you leave dis blog as it is and create another to take care of ur other writings.

  23. first of all, your blog keeps me well informed on tech news from nigeria and beyond which is very useful for someone in the UK like myself. Adding more content can only benefit the blog traffic but there is caution, try not to steer away from the core of what you are doing. Blogging has become huge in Nigeria and i’m wondering what levels bloggers like yourself can reach in the future, something which would be cool for your blog would be some kind of project which you explored through your blog and shared your findings, it could be “mobility open lab”. An experimental blog pushing the boundaries even further by delving deep into what future technology can do for Africa.

  24. I think its best to separate the two of them. Writing personal stuff attracts all sorts of people with all sorts of comments. sometimes, these comments have a way of creating a wrong perception of the blog. I like the current mobility blog, wonderful articles, intelligent comments. Adding a lighter side to it might take away the attention from the important aspect which is mobiles.

  25. Not a difficult question. I don’t see myself reading romance. Thoroughly girlie stuff. Science Fiction? Yes, I can tolerate that? Mystery? Tech Mystery? Yes, again. Short mobile anecdotes? Stories, though fiction but related to mobile Tech? Great. Anything else and it would be extremely painful.

    This Blog is all about mobile and Tech. It’d be a bad thing to see it get diluted by Non-Tech stuff. Especially non-Tech stuff! It would be difficult retaining the geeks here. However, you could argue that there are more non-geeks and more people interested in Non-mobile stuffs. If it is a chance and a bet that you’re convinced and willing to take, so be it. But it wouldn’t be an awesome improvement in my opinion.

    Like the Architect said to Neo in The Matrix part 2 after being threatened that the matrix can’t exist without humans to serve as fuel: it said; “There’re levels of existence we are willing to tolerate”… And in likewise; there are levels of mobile existence & appreciation on a dilutional mobile tech entries in a Tech Mobility site that viewers would find appealing without flinching…

  26. You could have feature articles intermittently, however focus should solidly remain mobility. Such feature could also take tangent of mobile-related occurrence-personally been collating a whole lotta phone etiquette abuse, which I intend at some point…

  27. I am with you all the way. As long as the techie content still remains the main focus.

  28. Thanks to all who are supporting mobility to remain #solelymobile. Let’s putting up how reasons.

  29. You can expand the content but please make sure you separate the feeds so that anything mobile would have its separate feed channel so that I can retain my focus on mobility. Mobiles keep me on mobility!

  30. I think i support Ebimobowei’s comment. I don’t mind seeing other stuff on my favourite Nigerian website apart from what i visit it everyday for, but PLEASE, na God i dey take beg una, i won’t appreciate seeing romance/love/lifestyle topics of my feed reader or mailbox. Please give unto Ceaser what is Ceaser’s. Give unto geeks what is their’s and give unto romantics their dues. Please maintain a separate feed. It’ll be much appreciated Mr. Mobility

  31. #TeamMobility
    Sincerely I prefer the site the way it is, it is my one of my reference site ranked with wikipedia, google etc. I love that when I need tech info n reviews native to d environment we are, I can come here, satisfied that my hunger for information will be quenched. (By d way wh isn’t even enough)
    Evolution is good but if u want to evolve could u choose something along the line of laptop, e-readers, cameras n other kinda techie stuff? After all they are all kind of mobile too. This is our sacred ground for tech in Nigeria, look around you – who does what u do?????
    If I want romance I know where I can get plenty; science friction n fantasy are my favourite so nothing spoil there.
    Just keep this our sacred environment the way it is n don’t worry we will visit your other blog so it won’t feel left out.

    PS *whispering* you can add cars too

  32. It should evolve,bt not in dt way. What u have is very unique & special. Its focus makes it stand out from oda blogs. Addin oda subject material might make it clumsy in the long run.

  33. Lol
    I see all the tech people already revolting.

    Let me answer your question as you asked them;

    “The question in brief: Would you like to see this blog include more content beyond just mobile? In addition to mobile, would you love to read also fictional works from me in the areas of romance, thriller, science fiction, as well as my adventures in areas of personal interest?”

    Q A: YES. I would like you to include stuff like your personal adventure with cars 😉

    QB : YES but not on this blog.

    Let’s discuss in camera on how we can make money from this other energetic ability of yours. 8)

  34. I have refrained from making comments for so long reading what others have to say on this issue. It’s clear from majority of comments that readers want it the way it is. I beg to differ.

    Change is the only constant and progressive thing in nature. Evolution can never be stopped. That is why you Mr_Mobility has those urges. It will be wrong for you to repress your inner urges and instincts. This blog has not always been the way it is today. It has evolved. People like Chukwudi, myself, and others who have been with mobility for so long can bear witness to this. It is evolution that has brought this blog to where it is today and it is. The same thing that will propel it to greater heights.

    So, I say, GO FOR IT!!

    Yes, go fot it. But not blindly. Let prudence guide you. Let caution be your companion. Let mobility be the core for now while other goodies act as supports. I suggest separate pages on the blog for these other ideas. (It would be a terrible thing seeing something like a love story in the midst of say a review of latest Laser Ray Shooting Samsung Galaxy phone all on the same page)

  35. economics is not the catalyst for this evolution,rather an intrinsic passion is,which in critical analysis may not alter the income of this blog,because the cult-like loyalty may not wane.
    however such additions would bring about impurities,which with time T would lead to steric bulkiness,with an atendant entropic matrix.culminating in to a blackhole.Yet the Loyalists would not suffer fission. I will still be around!

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