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It is no news that I write. Yes; everybody writes. But I write. I have been writing since primary school. I had my first article published in a national daily as a junior secondary school student. I wrote, published and sold comic book stories while in secondary school.

I always had some of the best results in essay writing and composition. I was a member of the Press Club and both wrote and read news for public consumption.

In the last several years, I have written this for blog and my personal blog. I have also written for other media including Tell Magazine and Mobile World, among others.

I am a multi-dimensional person. Beyond mobile, I write fiction – science fiction, thriller and romance inclusive. I also love to write about my personal adventures – with cars, movies, travel, etc.

In the last one year, there has grown a gnawing desire to write more. Already, I have drafts of two stories on ground.

My Dilemma

My dilemma is that I do not want to diffuse my energy in different directions. I don’t want to have to create other blogs or platforms for these different areas. It just gets distracting for me.

For example, I find it difficult to give adequate attention to my personal blog anymore. My focus is mostly here on Mobility.

I have been thinking – would it be okay to add these different areas of writing to this blog? This would mean that this blog would no longer be strictly about mobile.

Mobile content will continue to be core, because of the brand “Mister Mobility”, but then there would be more stuff to enjoy.

From Mobility Blog to Mister Mobility’s Blog?

If we go with that flow, we would probably now call the Blog “Mister Mobility’s Blog” or something to reflect that its not just mobile but the writings of this individual called by that name.

The URL would remain the same. No need to touch that. It is a reflection of the Mister Mobility brand, so its cool.

But it would mean that this blog is evolvong yet again. I’m not afraid of that if the readers are cool with it.

Any dynamic life itself is a series of evolutionary steps.

Your Feedback Please

I would appreciate you all (even those faithful readers who have never commented here before) to chip in your thoughts. As always, you matter to me. I will take your suggestions into consideration in taking a final decision.

The question in brief: Would you like to see this blog include more content beyond just mobile? In addition to mobile, would you love to read also fictional works from me in the areas of romance, thriller, science fiction, as well as my adventures in areas of personal interest?

Thanking you in advance.

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