A bezel is the rim that runs around the display of a device. As such, bezel-less phones are phones which have very slim rims around

The 12 best bezel-less phones that money can buy

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A bezel is the rim that runs around the display of a device. As such, bezel-less phones are phones which have very slim rims around their screens. We bring you our roundup of the very best available all-screen phones that money can buy in early 2019.

You may run into an article mentioning all-screen phones, full-screen phones, full-view displays and similar terms. All those terms refer to the same thing – phones with minimal bezels around their screens.

There are no phones that are completely, 100% rim-less or bezel-less yet. Perhaps one day, new technology will make it possible. But we use these terms to describe them anyway.

Full-screen displays are very attractive to the eyes, but they are also more difficult to handle and make it easier to press something on the screen even when you have no such intention.

Bezel-less phones are the rave these days. Even entry-level phones have much slimmer bezels now.

The Best Bezel-less Phones

Here is our list of the very best all-screen phones in the market today.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Bezel-less phones

We kick off this roundup with Samsung’s bad boys. The Samsung Galaxy S9 has a stunning 5.8-inch screen, a double-curved design and a mind-blowing camera for taking awesome pictures.

The Galaxy S9 Plus, the bigger of the two, has a bigger display, more RAM, bigger battery, and has a more badass camera.

iPhone XS and XS Max

iPhone XS and XS Max Bezel-less phones

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have very slim bezels all round. They share an impressive design. If you prefer a bigger screen, the iPhone XS Max packs all the features of the XS behind the 6.5″ display.


Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro

The P20 Pro has an amazing triple camera at the back, featuring a 40MP + 20MP + 8MP lens combination that produces outstanding photos. This camera bested every camera phone released in 2018.

If you are into smartphone photography, this is the phone to go for. It is not just a great mobile camera, it is also a stunning smartphone.


Xiaomi Mi8

Xiaomi Mi 8

In my opinion, this is the Xiaomi flagship smartphone that offers the best value. This Chinese company has been known to be one of the best when it comes to smartphone performance and excellent craftsmanship at mid-range prices.

The Mi8 comes with Snapdragon 845 flagship processor, features a 6.21-inch AMOLED display that delivers ultimate black levels and contrast. The Xiaomi Mi 8 is also the first to support dual-frequency GPS for more accurate and faster navigation.


OnePlus 6T

One Plus 6T

OnePlus 6T is an amazingly designed phone and one of the most affordable bezel-less phones on this list. Think of almost everything you want in a flagship device, but at a significantly lower price. Which is why OnePlus tells you not to settle.


Nokia 8 Sirocco

Nokia 8 Sirocco

The Snapdragon 835 powering the Nokia Sirocco flagship is its weakest link, but this is a stunning smartphone that offers you the simplicity of stock Android OS, fast software updates. It already has received the Android 9 Pie update ahead of many others on this list.


LG V40 ThinQ

LG V40 ThinQ

The V40 is designed with a triple camera at the back! That is three cameras! And there is a dual camera for selfies at the front. You will love the beautiful 6.4-inch screen too.


Oppo Find X

Oppo Find X top camera slider


One of the most unique smartphones of 2018, the Find X has a 25MP front-facing camera that is hidden away behind a vertical sliding mechanism. This gives the phone a cool factor like no other. With the selfie camera located in the slider, we have a display that is as close to zero bezels as possible.


Vivo Nex

Vivo Nex bezel-less phone

Similar has taken an approach that is similar to the Oppo Find X. It houses its selfie camera in a smaller pop-up module. This leaves the screen with razor-thin bezels. In addition, it also has an under-display fingerprint scanner. This is a very sleek flagship.


Essential Phone

essential phone ph-1 top

The Essential Phone is one of thee most stunning bezel-less phones around till date. Android OS purists love it for the stock Android experience and up-to-date software. In addition, it is one of the most affordable on this list. So, if you would love to have a taste of an elegant all-screen flagship without breaking the bank, this is one you should check out.

That is it on our roundup of the best bezel-less phones available in the market today.

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  1. Great list..

    Asked to choose between cool looks versus functionality / durability, I would choose the latter.

    Every time.

    The bezelless drive is mostly about looks, at the expense of structural integrity / tensile strength of the “spineless” phone.

    Bezelless is good, but a phone drop on a macadamized surface may make you think twice about going spineless (no I don’t do phone jackets)…

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