From BGR: Apple’s iOS App Store is the world’s most popular on-device mobile app portal by leaps and bounds, but that doesn’t necessarily make it

Bigger isn’t always better: Nokia boasts 160% more app download numbers than Apple

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From BGR:

Apple’s iOS App Store is the world’s most popular on-device mobile app portal by leaps and bounds, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the best opportunity for developers according to Berlin, Germany-based market research firm research2guidance. Apple has a wide lead over competitors in terms of overall downloads and the number of applications in its App Store, but individual apps seemingly have a greater chance of success in rival offerings from Nokia, Microsoft and RIM.

Hello, some of us have said this ad nauseum. Individual apps simply get lost in all those other app stores that are choked full. Now the numbers validate that position.

From TechRadar:

So it seems Apple might have all the big numbers, but in terms of managing to fight through the noise as an independent developer, you might be better off on one of the less-hyped platforms.

The numbers don’t lie. Take a look at the chart and the full press release below:

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Apps On Nokia’s OVI Store Had 2.5 Times Higher Download Numbers In Q2 2011 Compared To Apps on Apple App Store

The “average app” has a better chance to generate downloads on “non-hyped” platforms.

Despite all the hype around the major platforms Android and iOS, publishers are still overlooking the hidden potentials of the niche players. The Q2 2011 results of our smartphone application monitoring report indicate that those applications published on the less popular platforms, such as WP7 marketplace or Blackberry’s AppWorld, generate significantly more downloads compared to the Apple App Store.

Significantly lower competition, yet a sufficiently large user base that desires apps, are the major reasons for this. Symbian still retains, by far, the highest potential user base. Even though its users are incomparably less active than iOS’s heavy downloaders, it still generates significant download volumes to Symbian publishers. This is largely because whilst Apple boasts of its 400,000 apps, the OVI store contains less than a tenth of that number.

Looking into average numbers, the Android Market stands not far behind the Apple App Store. This quarter, the average Android App attracted just 5% less users than iOS. Competition is harsh.

However, going in for very small niche platforms may not be the best idea either. LG World! and Samsung’s App Store are struggling to generate user attention. Although LG has less than 3,000 apps and as a result it is much easier to be discovered there, its user base is just too low.

Although the Symbian platform is seen by some developers to be clumsy and outdated, as well as Nokia’s transition to WP7 which has fuelled discussions as to when Nokia will give up its platform completely, the current status seems to be promising. Recently, Nokia reported the launch of three new Symbian Smartphones and confirmed that these will not be the last of the products, nor updates, to be delivered on Symbian.

Find other important Q2 2011 market developments in the new volume of the research2guidance Smartphone App Market Monitor. The third volume of the report includes a special interest chapter on mobile retail market.

Let us hope that developers are listening. I do think that some are. Everyday, I keep seeing new apps launched in the Ovi/Nokia store. New firmware, new phones, and new apps.

It just keeps getting better and better. Symbian may have been declared burning months ago, but this is sure one heck of a way to burn.

  1. Like I said earlier on, Nokia/Symbian is just beginning to wake up!

    Reminds me of that song by the Late Sunny Okosun -‘wake up from your slumber..’.
    Nokia is heeding that admonition.

    That ‘burning’ appellation by Elop is sure petering out!

  2. Deji, I was thinking that the Symbian Anna update has already been released. What is left is the Symbian Belle! Correct me if I’m wrong.

    By the way, those are just a few details on some individual apps. If I were a developer, I mightn’t bother with Symbian. However, it is intriguing Symbian could be doing so well despite it’s “dying” state and lack of love from Elop. It is a nice way to go. In a blaze of Glory!

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