BioProtect locks your apps and folders with TouchID

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Did you know that you can lock apps using TouchID on iPhone? It’s easy to set up, and it adds an extra layer of protection for your device. The tool that helps you enable TouchID lock for apps is called BioProtect, and you can download it for $2.99.

BioProtect iPhone 6s

This method only works on devices that have TouchID. It protects a vast array of things on your smartphone, including files, settings, folders, Control Center items and apps.

How To Lock Your Apps With BioProtect

Here is how to set up the app on your iPhone:

  1. Download the BioProtect tool.
  2. Use TouchID to open it, as it is already locked. For devices tat do not have TouchID, it will require a passcode.
  3. In the Global Settings of BioProtect, you will see a selection of apps, folders and more that can be locked. Select the ones you want to lock.

That’s it. now when you open an app or folder, the device will scan your fingerprint, and the app or folder won’t open if the fingerprint does not match.

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  1. This is definitely helpful against the prying eyes of the nosey friends you give your phone to say call and then stray into the inner sanctuary of the phone. And also, for those youngsters who are terrified at the thought of a harassment from the “men in black.”

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