Bitflux pays to emerge Nigeria’s Wholesale Wireless Access Service Provider

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CyberSchuulNews reports that Bitflux Communications Ltd which emerged the preferred bidder (for $23, 251,000) at the 2.3Ghz spectrum auction on February 19, 2014 paid fully for the license, and has also paid N155m for the Universal Access License.

With the license in its hands the consortium says its members are well positioned to deliver high capacity bulk broadband internet service, wholesale wireless access and bandwidth thus enabling retail internet service providers (ISPs) and other users to provide services to their subscribers in tandem with the National Broadband Plan.

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  1. We will better appreciate the high-falutin terms here and elsewhere when the end user starts enjoying fast, reliable and more affordable internet service, everywhere_we_go..

    Good luck to Biidun Omoniyi and the other movers of this Consortium..

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