If you are a digital worker and on the search for some great deals this season, you are bound to find something in this catalogue


8 Black Friday Deals for Bloggers and Freelancers (Cyber Monday deals too!)

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If you are a digital worker and on the search for some great deals this season, you are bound to find something in this catalogue of black Friday deals for bloggers and freelancers. And some of these will be available as Cyber Monday deals too.


The globalisation of culture is a glaring fallout of internet proliferation. One succinct example is the Black Friday sales. Hitherto observed primarily in the United States, the world has caught on swiftly in recent years. Now, shoppers can expect deals to pop up not only in-store but online. Not just that, shoppers can also buy virtual goods/services as opposed to tangible products. Following closely after Black Friday is Cyber Monday which also provides juicy and sometimes, jaw-dropping deals to shoppers.

Jump on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals!

These days, digital natives (and migrants!) wait with bated breath for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Right now, the 2018 Black Friday expectations are lighting up the internet with tons of deals buzzing around. With D Day just a few hours away, we bring you really cool deals you can enjoy especially if you are in the Gig economy or just blogging for fun.

black friday deals for bloggers and freelancers, and cyber monday deals
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Black Friday deals for bloggers: Webhosting

Get ready because you are going to love this!

dezzain com
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  1. NameCheap: This webhost has made a decent name within a short time, garnering top-notch reputation as one of the best in the industry. No slouch when it comes to giving mouthwatering deals, they are offering one of the very best deals of this season. You can get as much as 98% off their webhosting plans when Black Friday goes live tomorrow. That’s not all as they are also giving away ridiculous discounts on domain name purchase.
  2. A2 Hosting: Renowned among online marketers for its speed and reputed to have the fastest WordPress hosting platform, it is a massive plus for this year’s Black Friday as A2 gives a whopping 67% discount off their usual charges.
  3. InMotion Webhosting Service: Getting an A+ rating from the U.S Better Business Bureau is massive! InMotion earned that by consistently delivering superior service to happy customers. They are ‘giving back to the community’ by offering a 50% discount on their webhosting plans.



Black Friday deals for bloggers: WordPress Themes

cyber monday deals

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  1. Mythemeshop: Famous for its vast array of WordPress themes and lifetime usage policy, Mythemeshop is the go-to destination for themes. This year, they are offering as much as 80% discount off their prices. This brings costs down as low as $19! what more could you ask for?
  2. StudioPress WordPress Themes: Chances are, you have come across or used a mobile-responsive theme created by StudioPress. They are simply one of the most popular in that niche and for the savvy-minded, their themes are up for grabs at 20% discount till the end of this month.


Black Friday deals for bloggers: Internet Marketing Tools

Black Friday deals for bloggers: internet marketing tools
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Ok, if you are an internet marketer or freelance digital marketer, you know that data is key to your success. You also know that sourcing data manually can be enervating and pretty inaccurate. So, you need tools that aggregate data and give you actionable intelligence for your work. Now, these tools can be very pricey but this time around, you’re in luck! Some companies providing these tools have caught the bug Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. And so, they are selling at discounted prices as well as giving away great offers. Take a look at these…

  1. Serpstat: Configured as a one-cap-fits-all SEO platform for internet marketers, Serpstat combines many tools you need, including keyword research, backlink analysis, competitions analysis etc. You can get it for 20% discount during this season.
  2. SEMrush: This is one of the towering giants in the field of internet marketing platforms. Today, SEMrush not only provides excellent data tools but has started certifying digital marketers through its academy. The platform is a Swiss army of tools for digital marketers and for this Black Friday season, you can get a 30-day free access to SEMrush pro ($49.97 value) or opt for the SEMrsh Guru package ($99 value). This is too sweet an opportunity to pass up!
  3. ConvertKit: Reputed as the best email marketing toolkit for digital marketers, ConvertKit users can actually run their email marketing on autopilot. Well, the price is not going down BUT you can snag a FREE 30-day trial if you get their Black Friday deal. It is yours for the taking!

Actually, there are enough deals to make your head spin during this Black Friday sales. do not forget that Cyber Monday deals often follow as an extension. These are just a few to whet your appetite. Surely, by now you are ready to go full throttle on these Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales. You get to save tons of dollars too. Have fun.

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