I wish that most people would be like me – think through the implications of what they ask for, so that when they do get

BlackBerry 10 Data Consumption: You Cannot Eat Your Cake & Have It

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BlackBerry Z10

I wish that most people would be like me – think through the implications of what they ask for, so that when they do get it, they are prepared to live with the consequences too. You see, in the real world – not the world of Alice – our decisions mean that we trade one thing for another.

How many of you remember Symbian’s traditional resource efficiency? Low-powered processors, good battery life and low data consumption? Well, some Symbian users got greedy and shouted for eye candy and a sleekier user interface. What they did not factor was the fact that the sleekier moves and other wants would mean more powerful processors and also mean greater data consumption. Well, whether they factored it or not, that was what they got. Nokia Belle, the modern iteration of Symbian, is not so lean on resources as the Symbian that we used to know – and it is clear why. If you want a richer, heavier experience, you have to burn more fuel and put in more muscle.

Now, with the launch of Blackberry OS and the news that the new OS and devices are not going to run over BIS (Blackberry Internet Service), people are screaming blue murder. What the gadzooks is wrong with you all? You complained that the Blackberry browser was not as rich, that you could not stream videos, and that you wanted fancier moves on your Blackberry smartphones. Well, you got them! You have the most advanced mobile browser, you have swipes and gestures like MeeGo, and moves like Jagger. Even Michael jackson will be green with envy. But, hey, it all comes at a cost. All that heaviness cannot be moved over BIS data compression!!

As I have pointed out again and again, every OS has its strengths and weaknesses. Once you go for richer, fancier stuff, you sacrifice something. If you choose to retain the simpler, old school way, you have to give up some of the new tasty, candy treats. You cannot eat your cake and have it.

As I pointed out in my recent article about proxy browsers (and networks), data compression often means stripping out richer media and functionality. BIS meant that all data was compressed and flowed over BlackBerry’s own network. As a BlackBerry official said, that meant poorer browsing performance than on any other smartphone. Now you enter this new data-intensive ecosystem and it’s not feasible to run it through the same security and compression. End of. Grow up. Deal with it.

Here is the lesson: Every time you want something different, it will be at the expense of something. Every single time. Now, you have a richer, sleekier BlackBerry OS. Deal with the consequences. Now, can you all just shut up and start planning for how to afford standard mobile internet plans to power those spanking new Blackberry 10 smartphones that you are already saving up to buy? What is my own?

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  1. If Blackberry 10 doesn’t support BIS, what the hell is all the noise about carrier testing oh? Does Nokia send in their kpalasa phones to the networks for testing oh?

    I just wish someone would review and address this aspect of BB10 asap before I go do mistake.

    No BIS no BB10 for me. Simple.

  2. BB10 is not supporting Bis? That me data consumption wil be expensive? That is the author point. I talk am……… I must buy my galaxy and rest my case on BB10 device -the difference wit BB7.1 is video chat, BB Hub, and not supportin BIS? That mean the version 7.1 is stil better if u need a device that wil nt drain ur pocket for internet plan. I’m running away for internet plan? The least is 3K? 1.5gigabyte????

  3. hell if this is true then that’s it for me I had planned on getting one hoping I could use the android apps that they support over the BIS data allowance cover. if they aren’t gonna support that then my crush is over

  4. I just read it on BGR. well it’s been nice knowing u, RIM guess who just shot themselves in the foot (or are they bowing to operator pressure to drop the BIS thing)

  5. One of the plus for BB fans is data compression. It is cost effective, but with BB 10 without unlimited data it is a tough luck for BB diehard. I hope they continue support for BIS on all former BB.

  6. Omo, so no BIS for BB10? That’s sand inside garri o, na to stick with OS 7.1 be that o.
    *picks up 9810 preciously*

    If that is the case then the prices of the old models before bb10 will definitely not drop, instead will rise. It will not be wise to drop ur current BBs then if the BB10 does not use BIS.
    BB una no try at all!

  7. Mr Mo thanks for answering my question that i posted in your previous topic. Now, what am sure everyone wants to know is, if blackberry will still support BIS on older blackberry phones?

  8. I guess with dis new developmnt abt BIS not on BB10, blackberry just lost 1 gud customer.

  9. Kai wahala de…pls RIM/Blackberry don’t stop BIS…its the BIS that makes the phone worth the price

  10. If it serves me so well who cares if available without bis .If I can tether with it beautiful. In a way it will level the playing field. Android has been bearing the brunt in terms of mobile data subscription

  11. If BIS is not realistic for BB10 devices, then i had to wait to compare Jolla mobile sailfish OS phones with blackberry’s before i decide what to empty my pockets on.

  12. This is the reason android reigns supreme i look at other phone manufactures like blackberry and apple oh yes i’m talking about iphone 5 and i wonder why people buy their products obviously we all know why bb sells => cheap internet access when compared to other oems, but why does the iphone sells my answer fanboyism simple. If i’m buying a phone the first thing that crosses my mind is the specs. cause i see no reason to buy an iphone 5 when i could get an android phone at half the price with better specs #doneventing #he compared my tecno n3 with his i- phone 3g

  13. Why the f**k would I want a BB10 device if it doesn’t support BIS data compression?. Definitely not for the apps!. The main reason I have a blackberry in the first place is so I can download to my heart’s content without bothering about data caps. Its not as if bbm provides anything that can’t be replaced with the likes of bbm. Well, sorry RIM (or is it blackberry now), I’ll rather take advantage of the fact that OS7 devices would get a price cut as a result of the new phones n get myself an upgrade to 9900 or the like.

  14. Grow up guys for Pete’s sake. No platform wins this mobile contest by winning in Africa alone or the Third World nations in general. Europe and America is where the fight is. Blackberry is just supporting the Third World countries then because they were rejected by the developed nations. The former RIM’s compression technology served the western world and of course Africa well at a point when GPRS and EDGE or equivalent technologies were prevalent in the mobile world.

    Eventually 3G and its enhancements, HSPA and HSPA+ and recently 4G/LTE came on board and made data compression irrelevant in the developed economies and only became attractive to Third World nations like Nigeria where these infrastructures were not yet adequate enough to make data subscription cheap.

    Now, Blackberry are taking the fight back to the western world where they once held sway and Africa and other Third World countries though contributed immensely to sustaining Blackberry while they were going through a bad patch, cannot be top priority. Besides, a handsome percentage of the BB users in these Third World nations hardly by new devices anyway. And friends, you shouldn’t be worried that much since the old BB devices and the associated BBS will still be around for a while and I in particular need it. This is business and it is strictly about Blackberry first before the Third World users. It has to be right for Blackberry first otherwise, no buiness.

  15. Android users should not complain really, this is simply one of the hard transitions symbian users had when moving to Android platform earlier. We wanted a better BB OS; We got it but without our favourite. Sorry Blackberry, I don’t think Nigerian babes will crave for your new OS+Devices.

  16. OH? Where did all the blackberry data love go to? Now u knw why android uses a lil bit mo data than blackberries. I used 1gb comfortably on mine, you shouldn’t have any problem using 1gb on this either! =))

  17. I’m off to Canada with a big stick, those board members would hear it today.

    I’m not surprised at the exclusion of BIS and yes, “3rd world” countries would feel the pinch. So long as their bis service stays up, no problem. When sufficient games are released for Os 10 and its been proven to be a great gaming device, would grab me one.

  18. Forgot to add, while we are here complaining, others are rejoicing in some countries because BIS is even more expensive than their normal data bundles. So let’s accept, move on and pray our mobile network providers reduce the price of data plans

  19. On second thought, I would just get the PlayBook when os 10 is released for it. Now, that is a piece of affordable hardware. No sobbing and sniffling when withdrawing the money from an ATM to purchase this.

  20. Guys, Harry has hit the nail on the head.

    As I have often said here, many of these smartphone devices are not made for the developing world. I’m not sure why we think Blackberry should be all about us when their main market is Europe, North America and South East Asia – where the main money is at.

    The support for 0S7 and below is still there (for now), but BB10 is not designed for the faint hearted. Welcome to the real world of data consumption.

  21. This is the time to separate the boys from the men. While android/ios users were complaining of high cost of data, bis users kept smiling using their blackberries with unlimited data. Let see how many would be able to sustain such usage if/when they get the new BB10 lol.
    Just spoke to a friend in the UK that is using the Z10. His data consumption has more than double. He had to subscribe to a 4G data plan of 8gig.

    I will still advise blackberry fans to upgrade to the new BB10 because it offers more. I hate seeing those lags (turning clock) on the old sets of blackberries. The BB10 will offer better experience no doubt.

  22. @Noni: hmmmmm, I do see your point but at a time when some networks are bitching about excessive mobile data usage and the stress it’s allegedly putting on their networks, is this really a superb move?

  23. I guess it’s time to install a traffic monitor and see what my data usage on the BlackBerry is like. If I aint so high, I’ll just suck it up and get the device.

    My major worry now is that given the lag on our networks sometimes sending an email with attachment or common browsing facebook will take forever without that awesome data compression.

  24. You can’t eat your berries and have it back.

    Its amazing that some people are choosing to stick to old BB because of BIS, it similar to people sticking to Symbian, unfortunately you will eventually have no choice than to move one.

    You should also remember that some Operators allow every body to subscribe to BIS even if you dont have BB so that might just go for BB10

    Dear BB users welcome to the real World, no more babysitting.

  25. Spot on article..

    People who want Unlimited BIS can always use BB7. BB10 will have limited BIS(from what I read) for usual BB services like BBM. It is only for services like Web & streaming that BIS will no longer support and will be directed through Operator’s usual internet..

  26. I swear I saw this coming a mile away I use to discuss this issue with my brother bosun99uk that they will bring BIS down even on dis BB OS 7.1 we use sooooo much data talkless of full groomed os like that.well I have 17GB swift data not bragging lol @ folks wanting BIS on BB10

  27. This article says it all. If you want more, you have to be ready to pay the price. I can see a lot of people complaining and bit**ing about BIS or not. Its very simple. Nowadays most people have 2 devices – A blackberry and another smartphone (either an android phone or an iphone) or a blackberry and a tablet. They pay BIS on the blackberry and subscribe to mobile data plans on the other device conveniently. Now Blackberry has created a super device that merges the functionality of the chat we all love with the power and sophistication of modern day smartphones into one. Imagine your bb phone and your samsung galaxy in one shell. And all you have to do is pay for your data plan! C’mon that’s more than fair. Or would you prefer global downtime due to overload of blackberry’s servers just because you want ‘awoof’?

  28. Or would you prefer global downtime due to overload of blackberry’s servers just because you want ‘awoof’? .

    So, how come Opera Servers are not overloaded despite the billions of pages compressed daily?

    this line of reasoning sounds quite emaciated to me!

  29. So how dose this make bb10 stand out of the crowd, apple i5 android S3 samsung ,ztE, HTc1x , nokia lumia 920. Bb10 sorry but with no bis ur hardware is outdated ,

  30. “Bb10 sorry but with no bis ur hardware is outdated”

    LOL! You’re the one who’s not updated if you don’t upgrade 🙂

  31. You can also blame the carriers… they DON’T want to pay RIM for BIS service they provide.

  32. Kudos to Harry Echemco… very well reasoned and true statement. And for those who think that without BIS, there is nothing to draw them to BB10, TRY USING IT ! I just got a Z10 after my Samsung Galaxy S3 and I couldn’t be happier ! Updates to the OS will improve it and bring missing features, but for now, no other smartphone comes close where it comes to touchscreen typing, and the ease with with you can communicate (primary focus of a phone). Android and iOS just seem old now, having to use a home button and go in and out of apps to get different things done. You just have to try it to appreciate it.

  33. Im on the z10, great phone by the way. Major issue i have is with data consumption, i subacribed for the 1g plan on Glo abd ive almost used it up in 2 weeks, not streaming videos or downloading and always on 2g network. I still dont see why these networks are making us pay excessively for data, cos 1 gig for 3k is way too much and u still cant use it for a month. Does anyone know if they’d reduce their prices at some point? Other than this its an awesome phone.

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