BlackBerry 2004 meets 2014: 7290 versus Passport

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Passport vs 7910 comparison Gbenro

So, I stole the above photograph from Gbenro who got the opportunity to have a BlackBerry 7290 and the 2014 Passport side by side. Someone walked into his office to complain that his BlackBerry isn’t working and produced the 7290. Odd that someone still uses a 7290 in 2014.

Look how far we have come. It is a 2004 device (10 years old!) with a 2.6-inch display, 32 MB internal storage, no card slot, and 4 MB RAM. Feel free to compare that with the Passport’s specs.

Classic photograph, if you ask me.


  1. You’d be surprised at the number of people who still use older phones in 2014. I see them all of the time. Someone recently pulled out a Samsung D500 in front of me on public transport to make a call. I’ve even seen a Nokia 6210 and a few weeks ago a Nokia 3310. I was too polite to take my phone out to sneak a pic of the awesome sight.

    If it ain’t broke and still works, doesn’t need changing does it?

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