BlackBerry Bold 9900 Arriving At Mobility Towers

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This one has been a long time coming. Blackberry fans on Mobility blog have been waiting for this. The current top dog BlackBerry, the Bold 9900, is arriving at Mobility Towers in the next 48 hours or so. That means a juicy review is coming this way. Expect some BlackBerry app reviews too. In addition, Mister Mobility has been off BB for far too long and missed all the fun going on in the Mobility BlackBerry groups.

I am dying of excitement. I hope I don’t complete the dying process before this baby gets into my hands. Pray for me.

  1. Yet another blackberry review…more processing power, liquid graphic interface et al. Well i’m waiting ernestly for the QNX based blackberry a la BB10! Hope RIM gets it right then.

  2. @veritas, same here. wanted to upgrade my wife’s BB some weeks ago but later decided to wait for the BB10. Can’t spend 100k on a device which OS RIM is working hard to get replaced with another later in the year. The BB10 is their destination. The present OS7 is not delivering the desired experience to command good sales figures.

  3. blackberry Bold 9900 . Hmmm. That’s a top end Blackberry phone. Let’s see what it has to offer. Whether it would have compelling features.

    However, truth be told; most Blackberry phones are difficult to differentiate from another. I can’t get excited, really. I am yet to be tempted. Let’s see if this one has what it takes to pull me to the Blackberry fold.

  4. @Afewgoodmen: Doubt if this RIM ‘baby’ can pull you away from your beloved iWorld…

  5. I see the bold 9900 around me everyday and from what have seen, its judt another blackberry…nothing special!

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