• Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

BlackBerry causes stir with a dual-curved BlackBerry 10 Slider

BlackBerry caused a stir at its Mobile World Congress session when a dual-curved, all-touch display with a slide-down QWERTY Keyboard was displayed briefly. A BlackBerry 10 Slider. I wasn’t expecting anything of the sort. Most people were not.

BlackBerry 10 Slider

BlackBerry’s official twitter handle confirmed this info:

The “Slider” looks like a BlackBerry 10 successor to the Torch series, but more interesting is the dual curved display like the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge‘s.


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0 thoughts on “BlackBerry causes stir with a dual-curved BlackBerry 10 Slider”
  1. OH YES!!! finally a BB10 slider in the works. This is definitely the next kit i should get after using my passport to bits. I read on crackberry.com that its been designed in collaboration with Porsche design. if that’s true, then it will be a freaking expensive device and I wont be buying it afterall. Those Porsche things are too over rated

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