BlackBerry Curve 9320 First Impressions

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Last night, I switched from the BlackBerry Torch 9810 to the Curve 9320 after charging the later a while. I have been using it today and wanted to share a few first impressions.

Curve 9320

Picking up the 9320, the first thing that hits you is how light the phone is. Very light. Almost too light for comfort.

But in spite of its light weight, it is a well-made device. Everything fits well and feels robust.

Next up is the display. At various intervals, I keep telling myself, “This screen is small!” Of course. Its only 2.44 inches across and I just dropped a 3.2-inch 9810 for it. Plus, I’ve got a 4.7-inch HTC One X beside it. Duh.

Small, yes. And low resolution at 320×240 pixels. It is very usable though, since all I can do with it is view. It is not touchscreen, so I don’t have to worry about entering text on it (though I have caught myself stabbing at the display every now and then). It is bright and quite legible in direct sunlight. At this price point, the display is more than adequate.

Text Input
9320 keyboard

The QWERTY keyboard is standard BlackBerry Curve fare – keys raised and separated from each other. Very clickable. It is different from what you will find on Torches and Bolds, but it is BlackBerry and very good. I felt at home immediately typing on it.

BBM key

A new addition is the dedicated BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) key on the left side. It has “BBM” printed beside it. Pushing it takes you to the BBM app immediately.

I had some apprehension about the performance, seeing that it runs on a 806Mhz processor. However, it turned out there was nothing to worry about. The Curve 9320 runs nicely.

Then I decided to see how it would behave if I joined a BBM Group. No sooner had I joined the Mobility group than the 9320 began to hang, lag and freeze – just like every other BlackBerry smartphone that I have used did.

Nicole and I had a chat about this today. She is of the opinion that since there are other BlackBerry users whose devices don’t hang when they use BBM Groups, perhaps it is an issue of app compatibiity. Perhaps BBM group and one of my apps just don’t see eye-to-eye.

That’s a possibility. But all apps running on my device are essential to my work, so BBM Group takes the fall.

I opted out of BBM group and this 9320 is flying again. I type and switch between applications so fast, it is almost unbelievable that this baby runs on only a 806Mhz CPU and 512 MB RAM.

I will be reporting back on battery life, the FM Radio and other device-specific features later. So far, so good. I am yet to miss my Curve Torch 9810.

  1. i use the new bb 9790(bold6) been waiting for a review of the mobile from mr mo hope it will come soon….

  2. ”So far, so good. I am yet to miss my Curve 9810″

    Torch Mr M, na so d curve seet reach.

    Still maintain that the ‘pikim pikim’ clicky sound the curve family keyboard make irritates me then I discovered the fm radio isn’t just unique to this device but comes in the 7.1 update….also like my device to have a lil weight on em. Still, won’t mind it and I agree 40-45k isn’t exactly budgety

  3. “It is not touchscreen, so I don’t have to worry about entering text on it (though I have caught myself stabbing at the display every now and then).”

    I thought I was the only one that hits the screen of my non-touch Nokia 103 subconsciously thinking it’s touch. 😀

  4. Uhm….chuki? 😀

    Unfortunately no. I’ve played around with one, did consider buying it but got the Torch 9810. Now I don’t have the latter anymore I’m considering the 9790, especially as it looks like the price has dropped recently.

  5. I dont think anyone will buy this phone anytin above 20k

    It costs above N20,000, and people are already buying it 🙂

  6. @Zsch, not all 7.1 updates come with FM radio. I updated my former Torch 9810 and never got one little bit of FM radio – no sight or sound of it! 🙁

  7. Me thinks this phone is pretty expensive.A friend of mine recently bought one for 40k.
    It is his first smart phone and he seem pretty pleased with his purchase.

  8. That dedicated bbm button on the side might create wahala when slipping it into a pouch as if will keep popping up BBM.

    I’ve been battling that wahala with my Bold 9900 and thus decided not to use the & dedicated key for anything.

    At 40k, I guess we are paying for a Curve 3 that can run OS7 :-D.

  9. @Noni: really, that sucks

    Just got a 5′ mini galaxy tablet ( a Galaxy media player 5.0) and decided my 9700 needs to retire and 9320 seems to be the best option. The curve 4 batt is sad- 1000mah(9380 I think), don’t want a touch screen that would leech batt (9900 and 9790) So 9320 fits the bill; 1400mah batt, fm radio and WI FI HOTSPOT (for the wifi only tab), can almost kiss RIM for this option. Its just perfect (as soon as I get accustomed to that keyboard).

    Time to start saving.

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