Since last Friday, I have been battling with email setup on dad’s BlackBerry 9360. Note that he had been using this device and the same

Help! BlackBerry Email Setup: Invalid Email Address or Password

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BlackBerry Curve 9360

Since last Friday, I have been battling with email setup on dad’s BlackBerry 9360. Note that he had been using this device and the same email on it for many months. I was the one who set it up for him and things worked well without issues. Until last week when his BlackBerry notified him that his corporate email address or password is invalid.

I also happen to have access to the corporate hosting account. I checked to be sure that the email login details were correct. Try setup again: same error. I reset the password and tried setup again: same error. I got a colleague to try setting the same email up on her BlackBerry: same error. I have entered the settings manually: same error.

However, I am able to login to the very same email address via webmail. I was also able to set this same email account up on the Lumia 610 without any fuss, and it works well. The trouble seems to be strictly on BlackBerry. Note that BIS is working fine on the device. I am able to use BlackBerry World and update apps, use BBM, and other connected apps. I was also able to setup my own personal email on the 9360.

Is there anyone who has ever encountered this sort of thing with BlackBerry or who has any idea how to sort it out? Thanks in advance.


  1. I had a similar issue late last year and the only solution was to backup, format and restore all contents. I did this after exhausting all means of trying to fix it without formatting the phone.

  2. Blackberry have been having some funny issues lately especially with applications that make use of the blackberry ID as your case might be, and I noticed that if you update to the latest OS, it seems to sort out them out.
    And if you have latest OS installed already, well then, formatting might help.

  3. iJohnson and AdNikky,

    Thanks. I updated it to the latest OS yesterday. Same error still showing up. I am holding off formatting as the very last option. Odd though that when my colleague tried setting this email up on a different BlackBerry device, she got the same error. Different phone!

    I appreciate all the feedback and insights, guys. Thanks.

  4. Tech Joke

    Blackberry has started removing some services from 7.1 and lower BB so that people can rush to buy the soon to be released BB10 abi.

    May be I will also go with back up and format.

  5. Hi,

    Just got mt new Black Berry today – I restored all my contacts, etc from the back up but my yahoo email won’t setup it says invalid email or password

    Any help to fix this?

  6. I can’t access my blackberry mobileemail.vodafonesa account. Vodacom told me it has been cancelled,I must contact blackberry because I would like to access my yahoo account on my new device, I have link the mobileemail.vodafonesa account as my reference to my password. Please help. I can’t add my account to my new device because I can’t remember my password.

  7. I can not add my emails on my blackberry curve 8520.i subscribed to mobileemail.vodafonesa but I forgot my password,when i went to and tried to recover my password but it says “your passwords has been successfully sent” but it does not arrive at the main(the factory default one) envelope(,when add it to my blackberry it did not add its own envelope).when i went to using computer and entered my blackberry pin,I did receive email on my reads “– Automatically generated email: Do Not Reply to this email —

    You asked to have your password sent to your device.

    User name and password don’t exist. Please use your device to access BlackBerry Internet Service.”.What can I do know?In summary my blackberry does not add more envelopes,like a living cell.which always multiples its self(for gmail,for yahoo,for mns etc).Thanks.

  8. I have a BlackBerry Z10 but sometime ago it suddenly refused to acknowledge my password on my Blackberry ID. I had been using this ID password for a long time. Have never succeeded to sort this and I have my e-mail address disconnected from Blackberry refusing to recognise my ID.
    I bought a BlackBerry Passport but this problem transferred onto it. My computer is also affected

  9. It has been 6 years since this problem started and hasn’t been resolved. Clearly a dead horse.

    I think that at this point, everyone needs to migrate away from BlackBerry OS devices. I did a long time ago.

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