We have fixed Twitter app for BB10 – BlackBerry CEO

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I have ranted about the Twitter app for BB10 before. It is extremely dated, lacking too many features that Twitter users on Android and iOS have come to take for granted for years. Plus, the user experience just sucks. Following closely in terms of old age is the Twitter app for Windows Phone. Well, BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, says they have fixed the Twitter app in an update released yesterday. Users can also expect another update coming in a month with new features. Yay!

If you haven’t used the Twitter app for BB10, just consider that John Chen himself passed that comment about fixing the app. That should give you an idea of how outdated the app was. At this time, there are no details of the improvements yet, but we are keeping fingers crossed. BB10 users, go get the update in BlackBerry World and come share what has improved about the app.

Update: Nah; this app hasn’t been fixed like that. The app update only addresses image display issues in timeline and loading of images when a link is followed in timeline. Very disappointing.

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