Behold the new BlackBerry Bold 9790, the latest addition to the Bold series of smartphones from RIM. It is an upgrade to BlackBerry Bold 9780,

BlackBerry Gets Bolder with the 9790

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Behold the new BlackBerry Bold 9790, the latest addition to the Bold series of smartphones from RIM. It is an upgrade to BlackBerry Bold 9780, only more so. Today I will concentrate on the areas where the new 9790 really gets the upper hand compared to 9780.

First of all, the 9790 has a new design for its buttons alongside the trackpad. Instead of being all of them in the same surface, the buttons are raised a little. The whole phone is also a lot easier to fit inside your pocket thanks to its thinner, lighter and smaller dimensions.

The touchscreen is a real boost for the new 9790 while the 9780 only supported QWERTY. The increase in internal memory is also noticeable as it is upgraded to 8GB from 256MB. Even though the camera is still 5MP on the new one, it offers a lot more functionality such as Geotagging, Face Detection and stabilization.

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The most important upgrades which really makes the Bold 9790 a better phone is the BlackBerry OS 7 support with 1GHz processor. Compared to Bold 9780 which had 624 MHz processor and operated on BlackBerry OS 6, the 9790 is a breath of fresh air. The rest of the features regarding connectivity and other business tools such as Document editing software, both phones are well equipped.

The new Bold 9790 is definitely better than it’s predecessor Bold 9780. The new phone will hit the stores in Indonesia first on November 26th and then it’ll eventually be available in the rest of the world. I think BlackBerry Bold 9790 will be a great choice for someone who is on a budget but also likes to be “Bold”.


  1. Did you really mean 8GB! internal memory?
    You know I’ve long wondered if it was a glass ceiling for RIM to always got stuck on 256Mb! For smart phones they expect people to run lots of apps on. Watching upgrades after upgrades, you’ll expect them to move up to 1GB, 2, 4 etc. but not RIM. That’s why I have refusaed to bulge from my 9700 as I can’t really see any meaningful change. Well, for me the memory change represents a quantum leap and the 9700 might as well get ready for retirement.

  2. yup, it’s 8GB! before u upgrade to the new BB take ur time to really think what u need in ur new phone, which functions are important to u and whether the new phone can really impress u in those areas or not. good luck

  3. I thougth Bold 97 came with 512MB RAM rather than 256MB RAM. Correct me if I am wrong. The 8GB internal memory of the new Bold 9790 may amountto nothing because RIM has a bad habit of restricting what you can download from app world to meager 200MB while the rest will be for videos and audios. What is the size of the battery?. If it is less than 1500mAH I will not touch even with a very spoon.

  4. when i know the price i can decide what to think abt it. Nokia E6 with about same specs costs 52k…with the usual crazy blackberry pricing, this might cost above 80k…

  5. @Imtiaz Khan :No I was talking about Bold 9780 it has 512MB RAM it was a typo error i was not referring to Bold 9700

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