Why is there no Blackberry Key2 Verizon model? Blackberry Key2 has been on sale for a while now and is already available in the United

Blackberry Key2 Verizon: Subscribers are waiting to exhale

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Why is there no Blackberry Key2 Verizon model? Blackberry Key2 has been on sale for a while now and is already available in the United States of America. However, many subscribers are miffed that it isn’t available on the country’s largest carrier, Verizon. Shocking, right? Especially as BlackBerry should be looking to sell as many units as possible.

It is being sold unlocked in the US and is available on AT&T and T-Mobile, but not on Sprint and Verizon. Why is this so? The first two operators mentioned run GSM networks (though some migration to LTE has been done), while the latter two run CDMA networks. The reason why BlackBerry Key2 is not available on those two is because it does not support CDMA.

Which is a bummer. There is a public outcry for a Blackberry Key2 Verizon model. Subscribers on Verizon are up in arms. Okay, that is a dramatic thing to say. Nobody is organising protests or taking up arms yet. But it is a painful situation that Verizon subscribers have found themselves in.

But BlackBerry is facing tough times in the US. Many former BlackBerry adherents have moved on to other Android brands and some to iPhone. The question that business managers at BlackBerry must be asking is this: Are there enough buyers on Sprint and Verizon to justify making a CDMA-compatible Key2?

Last year, the company produced a CDMA version of the KeyOne that was sold on Sprint, so there is a slim chance that will be replicated this year.

One has to ask though, Is there a chance that the CDMA KeyOne on Sprint did not sell enough to make the addition of CDMA to the key2, or the production of a CDMA version, an attractive proposition?

Last year, Sprint was the first U.S. carrier to sell the BlackBerry KEYone, meaning that model arrived in the USA with CDMA support.

BlackBerry KEY2 verizon

Are You in the Blackberry Key2 Verizon waiting room

There is a waiting room of BlackBerry loyalists on Verizon who want their hands on the Key2. If you are within Verizon LTE network coverage, you might be able to use the Key2 for LTE data only, thanks to LTE Bands 4 and 13. Other than that, you have to keep your fingers crossed.

Will BlackBerry release a CDMA version of the Key2? Will we ever see a Blackberry Key2 Verizon model? If ever a CDMA variant is produced, then lovers of BlackBerry on both Sprint and Verizon can rejoice.

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  1. Kind of silly considering that, as of July 1st, Verizon will no longer let you active a CDMA-only phone on their network. So if your phone can’t do VoLTE, you’re not allowed, but if your phone can ONLY do VoLTE (like the Key2), you’re not allowed either.

    Seems it’d be better to just let you use your Key2 but make you sign something acknowledging you won’t have coverage in some fringe areas where only CDMA service is available.

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