Lagos Fashion and Design week isn’t all about glitz and glamour. For the designers, it is a lot of hard work and a platform to

BlackBerry Lagos Fashion and Design Week Young Talents, Ejiro Amos Tafiri & Bridget Awosika

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Lagos Fashion and Design week isn’t all about glitz and glamour. For the designers, it is a lot of hard work and a platform to finally showcase what they have been working on for the new season. This year BlackBerry® has teamed up with LFDW as the official technology partner, underlining the interplay between technology and fashion. We go behind the scenes to explore the synergy with Lagos Fashion and Design Week Young Talent Ejiro Amos Tafiri and designer Bridget Awosika.

MOBILITY will be giving away 2 tickets for you and a friend to attend the event which takes place on the 24th – 27th October at the Expo Center, Eko Hotel and Suites, Lagos. All you have to do is answer a question.

Ejiro Amos Tafiri

ejiro tafiriEjiro Amos Tafiri is the creative designer of namesake label Ejiro Amos Tafiri, a womenswear label. The ready to wear line and accessories is inspired by vibrant, fun-loving, ‘joie de vivre’ culture of the Lagos people and the cultural diversity of the city. With every garment, we make sure that creativity and excellent craftsmanship come through. The label has a ready-to-wear line for women and accessories for both sexes and haute couture.

As a LFDW young talent, Ejiro has a vision for the label to become a globally successful brand associated with beautiful, functional ready-to-wear clothing and haute couture.

Technology and Fashion
I have a BlackBerry® Bold 9900 which I call my personal assistant. It is a great business tool. I’m able to keep in touch with everyone with phone calls, emails and social networking apps such as BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM). I save pictures of my work on my BlackBerry and I’m able to share or send images to clients and the press immediately. Sometimes when I am not at the studio I can monitor the progress of ongoing work by sending pictures through instant messaging apps and the same applies when I need to view fabric and haberdashery from suppliers and cannot be physically present.

I sometimes have to invoice clients on the go and also research ideas and the industry. I find my smart phone is a very nifty tool for everything in my working life. I couldn’t possibly do without my BlackBerry.

What apps do you use with your BlackBerry?
I use a variety of apps on my smartphone, including messaging services, maps, the camera, and the web browser.

Are you excited about the SHF (Style House Files) app? What is your favourite feature on this?
Yes, I’m excited to see what features it will have. I can’t wait.

What should we expect to see from your latest collection?
It my Spring/Summer 2013 collection, it is inspired by the wild beauty of the tropical rain forest. It is structurally fluid and has a modern take on Nigerian traditional outfits. Twitter: @EjiroAmosTafiri

Bridget Awosika

bridget awosikaBridget Awosika ‘s namesake label was launched about 2 years ago and it exemplifies understated chic glamour with a bit more creative, modern minimalist’s approach with a youthful take on upscale and a few African inspired traditional dressings. The Bridget Awosika label is generally inspired by architecture, modern and surreal art, culture, shapes, asymmetry, things that are perfect but somewhat imperfect, beautiful but still ugly in between, menswear and the works of avant-garde artists. It’s modern, minimal, sexy yet sophisticated and a bit androgynous. Bridget Awosika pieces are often identified by a few signature staples such as pleats, asymmetry, unusual cuts, draping, and quite often the colour black.

Bridget’s vision for the label with to create clothing for women who appreciate intellectual and creative fashion, unique and specific details in clothes; that all exude effortless elegance, confidence and individualism.

Technology and Fashion
As a designer I am generally a visual person so I love taking quick snapshots of anything I find interesting whether or not it actually becomes useful later. I also take photographs while I’m draping a design. I like to see it from its starting point to the actual finished garment.

While I’m on the move my BlackBerry® also helps me stay informed with what’s going on around the world and of course the latest news in our world of fashion. It also ensures that I am on track with my day-to-day plans and meetings as it is obviously my communication tool with staff, clients and suppliers.

The design of BlackBerry smartphones have actually become personal fashion statement for me. I am usually intrigued by shapes, architectural lines and product design. My BlackBerry is sleek, simple, modern, and compact which often reminds me of some of the things that inspire me aesthetically.

My BlackBerry & I
I use the camera for quick references, sightings and inspirations, I also like BlackBerry® Messenger®, or BBM, for instant communication. The web browser is my choice when I want on-the-go internet access. The calendar/memo pad is essential for daily planning, meeting arrangements and managing my to-do list.

Are you excited about the SHF app? What is your favourite feature on this?
I am very excited for the SHF app! I’m particularly interested in updates on the innovative LFDW!

What should we expect to see from your latest collection?
Structural lines and easy flows, separates, floor lengths, warm colours… it’s strong, sexy, easy, and sophisticated! Twitter: @bridgetawosika


  1. This could be called Fashionology! The accessory products are highly fashion driven. It kinda complements who you are and your taste in Fashion. Check out headphones, phone covers, phone ‘pimping’ and all. Fabrics and other materials are often incorporated into the designs of Products (phones,phone covers,tablets,headphones) just so the stylist appeal is increased! These mobile products are as much a fashion item as they are technology items. Cos u just can’t help but feel good when your mobile accessories blend with your style/colour.

  2. We have only one comment on this article, and so the tickets go to Chykaolive. Congrats!

    Please check your email, ma’am, for how to pick up the tickets.

  3. I’v not seen the app yet, but I’d like to attend the LFDW.. I work with an ankara fabric company in lagos.. We sell our own brand of ankara fabrics… We heard about this quite late , we would have love show case our fabrics…. But still I won’t mind gettting an invite.

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