BlackBerry launches BBM Music service

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BBM Music

RIM has launched BBM Music, a service that is about to go head-to-head against Apple’s iTunes. BBM Music allow 45 million Blackberry users to build a music library and share with friends. Blackberry has signed deals with Universal, Sony Music, Warner Music and EMI. The major features of BBM Music service include:

1. Create your playlist from over a million songs

2. You can invite your buddies from BlackBerry Messenger contacts list to BBM Music service and access their music as well as allow them to access yours playlist.

3. BBM music allows you to follow friends’ activity via timeline and comments.

4. Offline music service is also possible as tracks can be cached in to BlackBerry smartphones.

5. It allows you to buy songs directly from Amazon Mp3 Music Store.

6. Every user will have a 50-song profile, and they can swap up to 25 songs every month to keep up-to-date.

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There are several ways you can take advantage of your large number of BBM contacts, as you can gain access to all of your contacts’ playlist. In other words, your friend’s library can be a part of your library too.

New BlackBerry smartphones will be equipped with BlackBerry OS 7 and this BBM Music Service. We will have to wait some time to find out how BBM Music service performs against iTunes and whether BlackBerry can finally get its groove back.

BBM Music will cost $4.99 per month plus tax. To sign up and get more details go to

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