BlackBerry may quit making smartphones next year

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“Oh how the mighty has fallen”. The BlackBerry we know today was once a giant in the mobile smartphone industry. Following the company’s recent moves, CEO John Chen has revealed some information concerning the future plans of the company. This was made open in a chat with the press during the Code Mobile conference sometime last week.


John Chen announced that they needs to push out 5 million Blackberry devices this year for the company to remain profitable. How plan to achieve this we don’t know. In the last quarter, the company managed to sell 800,000 Blackberry devices. If this projection doesn’t come to pass, maybe the much publicized BlackBerry Priv may be the last of BlackBerry phone we’ll ever see.

There are also rumors that the Blackberry 10 OS will no longer get support from Blackberry in two years time. I believe this would come sooner for owners of legacy Blackberries (OS 5, 6, 7, and7.1). Do you think Blackberry is overreaching with their projections? Or does this look like a final plea for survival?



  1. If I got a dollar for every time this has been repeated in the last 2,000 years, I’d be a dollar trillionaire by now.

    See, wake me up when BlackBerry actually stops making smartphones.

  2. Trying to curry peoples support to save their brand… Blackberry Priv: the Last Blackberry

  3. Am rooting for BlackBerry to come back to profitability,it will be a sad day for the industry IF they were to ever fold up,we the consumers will be worse off for it,competition breeds excellence and they surely need all the breaks they can get..

  4. Lol, what I dont understand is why BlackBerry makes this kind of announcement just before releasing a flagship device.

    They have said this a couple of time in the past. Yet, they still make the damn smartphones they keep saying they may stop making.

  5. It wont be a sad day for anyone. Just another fallen giant.

    Nokia was once the greatest, they folded up and life went on as usual.

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