Blackberry Messenger 6, Facebook, and other updates for Blackberry

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RIm have released an update for Blackberry Messenger, bumping it to version 6. Blackberry Messenger 6 brings a deeper integration with other apps on your phone, allowing you to engage BBM right from any other app you happen to be using without leaving that app.

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Besides BBM, an update is also available for BB App World, Twitter and Facebook applications. The new Facebook application, in particular has a much cooler interface that lets you see more on your BB display without sacrificing on functionality.


  1. looks nice. I’m not a fan of BBs but I have to admit. they have one of the best messengers out there. Their e mail, IM,FBook and even other third party applications are tightly integrated with the OS and if I would ever buy a BB, its just for those two reasons alone

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