BlackBerry Or HTC: Which Is Your Choice?

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First, the news was that Lenovo was exploring buying HTC. Now, grapevine says they are also thinking of picking up BlackBerry. Which of the struggling companies would you prefer that Lenovo saves? Any specific reasons? Have your say!

  1. I believe that Lenovo should go for HTC because both companies come from the same part of the world with a similar culture and the same language so integration will be quick and easy, htc is a global brand in the android ecosystem and lenovo would be buying their way into the worlds number mobile OS market, with efficient planning they can become the dominate player in the asian market and then dominate the other markets.

  2. What Babangida said. Lenovo undoubtedly do the best laptops around, and they could use the best of HTC in terms of trying to get a foothold in the tablet market (they have tried but not successfully).

    The question when it comes to buying BlackBerry is for me, which part – the whole company or a part of it?

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