BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 has a display bug [Passport Only]

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BB OS 10.3.1 update

Since updating my BlackBerry Passport to version 10.3.1 last week, I have found that the display randomly flickers and/or a portion of the screen goes dark. This happens across different apps and menus. This same issue has been reported by a few other BlackBerry Passport users who have run the update.

I was in the middle of editing a calendar entry earlier today when the display began flickering and about half of the display eventually went black, leaving my editing messed up. I have experienced same while viewing photos.

Hopefully, BlackBerry will fix this bug quickly, as it is a big blow to usability.

NB: This bug seems to be a BlackBerry Passport issue only.

  1. Thanks for the warning. Have downloaded but yet to install. Am not installing this then . Will wait for the next update.

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