When BlackBerry OS6 was announced, RIM let us know that only three v5 devices would be upgradable to v6, namely: Pearl 3G, 9650, and 9700.

Blackberry OS 6 on the 9300 Curve 3G

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BlackBerry Curve 3G 2When BlackBerry OS6 was announced, RIM let us know that only three v5 devices would be upgradable to v6, namely: Pearl 3G, 9650, and 9700. However, the then upcoming 9300 Curve 3G was specified as OS6-ready.

If you are using a 9390 that is still running v5, plug it to your PC and launch Blackberry Desktop Manager. If you have an Internet connection, you will be notified of an available update to OS6. Simply follow through with the prompts to upgrade your device.

The upgrade was hassle-free for me and in some minutes, I had OS 6 running on my device.

So, how does OS 6 run on the 9300?
Generally speaking, the device runs well. It certainly looks better than the plain old looks of OS 5.

However, you will notice lags when you scroll through the Facebook and Twitter applications in particular. Those lags are significant and do get frustrating.

While the BB OS6 browser supports multiple tabs/windows, I often encountered system messages prompting me to close tabs to conserve memory, and in some cases all tabs were closed by the system – including the one I was viewing. Specified as having 256Mb RAm built in, there just doesnt seem to be enough resources to handle my web browsing on the Curve 3G with OS 6.

Still, it generally runs fine. Email works, browsing works – evwerything works minus the occasional lag.

Do you have the Blackberry 9300 Curve 3G and still running OS 5? Feel free to take the plunge and upgrade to OS 6.


  1. The browser memory issue is true and that was why I had to shrink the OS using BB Boss. The issue hasn’t appeared again though or maybe it’s just because i’ve resorted to opening 95% of my web pages with Opera Mini. It most certainly looks way better than the previous OS 5 and after I shrank it, it seems to load faster after a reboot 😉

  2. it simply means the OS ain’t 100% compatible cus of the low RAM…i’d advice curve 3 users to stick to their OS 5 and upgrade to a higher model of BB when they are ready. Things like this crash phones… Yours truely: a nokia fan and patroniser..hehe! 😉

  3. Aside from the perenial browser crash on Curve 9300 & Bold 9700 owing to the device memory, Os 6 run beautifully smooth on the device. Unfortunately, I had to jump ship to a more robust mobile ecosystem. Still miss lotta stuff with regards to my 9700. Could be tempted back when QNX comes to BB smartphones.

  4. Mine came with the OS6 out of the box. The OS is nice to work with compared to version 5. It’s got better integrations and functionality though the low memory issue is a major downside so you don’t need to install plenty of applications to enable the device function optimally.

  5. Must people are always reluctant to upgrade due to fear of the unknown and advice from BB 9700/9650 customers using hacked 0S6.

    But come to think about it RIM has still not released OS6 for BB 9700/9650 (or did I miss it) and 07 is already coming. Though OS7 will not be available for any old BB.

    You want OS7, you buy a new BB.

  6. I’m amazed by how forgiving BB users can be. I’ve owned a BB for three years, first an 8900, now recently a 9300 3G. Each had its issues, and felt behind the times.

    The OS6 issues – though the OS looks better – are a pain, making the BB browser almost unusable. I do tend to use Opera, but even this can play up.

    The trackpad, though better than the trackball on the 8900, isn’t as responsive as I’d like, making some default games like Word Mole cumbersome to play.

    The cursor when browsing often has a mind of its own, and dances all over the screen.

    I for one will be looking to leave BB for an alternative, perhaps an Android device.

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