BlackBerry OS 6 ScreenShots

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OS 6 is a breath of fresh air to the BlackBerry platform. It is a departure from the flat, plain looks of older Blackberry firmware, and brings in some eye-candy along with some usability fixes.

Take a look at the following screenshots:

munch 2011 01 07 060417

munch 2011 01 07 060404

munch 2011 01 07 060811

munch 2011 01 07 060704

munch 2011 01 07 060426

munch 2011 01 07 061654

munch 2011 01 06 223914


  1. Its so much that once you pick up a BB on OS6, you immediately notice the difference.

  2. Quite refreshing!!! Ran into it by luck when I helped a colleague who messed up settings on his Bold 2 to reload the OS. At the end of nearly 90 minutes of updating, we were surprised to see the device operating on OS 6.0

  3. Wooww…is there an official bb is 6now for bold 2? My wife’s is still running on the leaked version since last year. Will rather install the official for her if available.

  4. I upgraded my blackberry curve 3g 9300 from os 5 to os 6 and the difference was very clear.

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