BlackBerry Passport Review: Performance and Battery Usage

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With a Quad-core 2.26 GHz Krait 400 processor, Adreno 330 GPU and 3GB of RAM, the BlackBerry Passport performs smoothly on all counts. It is the most powerful and fastest BlackBerry ever, and that shows in everyday use.

The 3,450 mAh battery is also one of the beefiest on a phablet. If locked to a 2G network, the Passport easily lasts all through a day of moderate use – email, web browsing, social networking et al, and will leave you with enough juice to go through the morning of the following day.

Blackberry Passport battery life

On an active 3G network connection and fairly intensive use from me – 2 email accounts, 5 social networking accounts, 3 instant messaging accounts and web browsing, I get between 10 and 13 hours of use from a full charge before the phone shuts down. Here is a screenshot of battery usage on one such day:

Passport battery usage SS

The battery life is a strong point of the Passport, though it doesn’t quite match the legend of the Lumia 1520. The Passport is one of those smartphones that you do not have to fret about using out and about when away from a power source.

  1. I left home at 9:30am with 100% on Monday.
    Got to my destination by 5pm with the Passport battery reaching 20%.
    Which is impressive, cos I’m usually on 4G/3G setting and I was tweeting and playing music during most of the trip.

    Normally, my Q10 would have run down and been recharged fully by my battery bank.

  2. hello every one
    I have one problem with blackberry ,I am in Saudi Arab I buy 10 GB 3G network internet data SIM card , it’s not work , and some friends are telling me in blckberry Mobil phons are working blackberry own Internet service , song please help me, is that still same problem with blackberry passport model ? Our not , it has work same iPhones models mobile ?

  3. Hello Bansidhar,

    BlackBerry 10 smartphones can actually work with both generic and BlackBerry internet plans. The network operator is the deciding factor. They decide what to allow their subscribers use, so perhaps your operator does not let BB10 smartphones use the specific data plan that you subscribed to.

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