Odd Stuff: BlackBerry sold 850,000 phones in 2017 and are ecstatic

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As far as information available is concerned, BlackBerry phone sales for 2017 was unimpressive. According to an IDC official, only 850,000 BlackBerry smartphones were sold during that year. The odd thing is that Blackberry Mobile are convinced that the KeyOne did very well and are giving themselves a pat on the back.

The Verge reports that “two senior members of the BlackBerry / TCL team, Francois Mahieu and Alain Lejeune, who expressed their collective belief that the KeyOne’s launch was an unqualified success. Lejeune is the global general manager for BlackBerry Mobile and Mahieu is in charge of marketing — and the latter was doing his job very well by noting that the phone has been made available across 50 countries and sold by more than 110 carriers.”

BlackBerry phone sales - KEYone

Yes; they are excited about the keyOne specifically. But if they sold only 850,000 phones in 2017, how many KeyOne units got sold exactly? How can these guys think that the model did well? Or that they did well on the grand scale?

It Is All About Sales

This is odd. Does the BlackBerry Mobile team realise that the reason BlackBerry OS died was because they couldn’t get to sell enough devices? I mean, that is what it boils down to at the end of the day. All the OS issues, usability issues, et al, all boil down to how many devices you are able to sell. Sell tons of them and you make tons of money and stay in the game.

BlackBerry Phone Sales In Context

HMD Global sold 8.4 million Nokia smartphones in 2017. Even Google sold 3.9 million Pixel smartphones in the same year. What the heck are BlackBerry Mobile celebrating the sale of 850,000 phones for? Apparently, the only major manufacturer that BlackBerry outsold last year was the Essential phone. And we all knew that wasn’t going to do well from the word go.

Does anyone else think it strange that Blackberry Mobile are celebrating 0.85 million sales in a year that some new entrants sold millions? Someone, please help me.


  1. i can understand the mentality here.

    from the end of BB OS10 to 850,000 in an apple/Samsung dominated world.

    kinda not too bad even for BB, no?

  2. This is totally unacceptable for a brand like Blackberry, I see this as a complete failure for them. 850,000 unit for the whole 2017 is not a good thing, this is nothing to brag about. I think the problem concerning this is the price tag of these devices, they’re expensive. The price of their phones need to be cut down a little if they are to make more sales.

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