Getting Mrs. Mo a BlackBerry Bold 9650 made her a more effective office worker. Here is her inspiring BlackBerry phone story, as told by Mister Mobility.


An Inspiring BlackBerry Phone Story

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Getting Mrs. Mo a BlackBerry device made her a more effective worker. Here is her inspiring BlackBerry phone story, as told by Mister Mobility.


Last year, I wrote an article titled, How my wife got her Facebook and email groove back on. Mrs. Mo used to go for months without checking in on Facebook, and went weeks without checking her personal mailbox. I mentioned how getting her a Nokia C3 helped solve those problems.

But beyond personal email and social networking, she needed something to help her on the job. She is in the employ of a leading insurance company and her job means that she is more on the road than in the office. She did not realise it, but having a simple mobile strategy would boost her productivity more than she could imagine.


Since she didn’t understand it, I stepped in and got her a Blackberry device. Why a Blackberry? Email and Social networking integration on the Blackberry platform is second to none. Note the word “integration”. Other platforms offer email and social networking, but the integration offered by RIM means that a Blackberry device was better suited to a normob (an average person) stepping into smartphone territory.

An inspiring BlackBerry phone story


I had her device setup for personal email, social networking, and synchronisation of contacts immediately. At the office, the I.T. department setup her corporate email (Exchange) account for her.

The Results: An Inspiring BlackBerry Phone Story

Let’s see if it made any difference.

Personal Email
Now, I can send my wife a mail and it gets to her immediately. This is something I wouldn’t do a few months ago, knowing that she might not see any mail I sent for weeks.


Social Networking and instant Messaging
She has been on top of her game with Facebook and Yahoo instant messaging since getting the C3, but its got even better on a Blackberry.

This is where the greatest difference has happened. She is able to receive and respond to official mails even when she is not in the office. Since she is on the road more than at her desk, this is indeed significant.

Since getting the Blackberry, my wife has come home again and again telling me of how her clients now commend her for being more responsive to their needs and complaints. This simple step of implementing what is in essence a mobile strategy at the most basic level has improved her productivity and bumped her customer satisfaction ratings. In the lighter mood, her employers owe me….. big time too.


Her colleagues and boss, having observed this marked improvement in performance and customer satisfaction, now talk of getting a Blackberry as well.

An inspiring BlackBerry phone story involving a BlackBerry Bold 9650
BlackBerry Bold 9650

Do You Have A Mobile Strategy?

As an employee, self-employed or an employer, do you have a mobile strategy? You need to look at your specific needs. Besides a Blackberry, other devices from other manufacturers, for example from Nokia, are excellent tools for getting your work groove on.


Take a look at your needs, explore the available devices, and take that step. From whatever angle you look at it, you too are likely to have a success story to tell by taking advantage of mobility.

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  2. Your stragegy works flawlessly. Similar story with my Dad. He was kind of skeptical about the Nokia C3, but two weeks later he’d become an internet/facebook/email junkie. Maybe I’ll soon be able to tempt him with stronger stuff, like the BB.

  3. Yomi,this is quite inspiring.I own a samsung B7320 smartphone.Initially when I got the phone,I had problems setting up my email accounts especially receiving official mails,but all that is now history,thanks to my phone,and with the help of Emoze Pro,this is even better because I receive mails as they arrive and presently i have helped my colleagues to set up their phones too. Isn’t that wonderful?

  4. “Take a look at your needs, explore the available devices, and take that step. From whatever angle you look at it, you too are likely to have a success story to tell by taking advantage of mobility.”

    That is hitting the hammer on the head (or whatever!)

    Often, we are unaware that we need a particular thing until this is dispassionately pointed out by a (dis)interested party.

    I vividly remember my Senior Brother earnestly urging me to acquire a mobile phone (1999/2000)! I grudgingly got my Alcatel 101 then.

    Well, having taken that “mobility step”, you should now make maximum the use of that mobile implement. It is neither for decoration nor ostentation. Use it. See for more..

  5. Nice piece, Yomi, as usual.

    Lately I’ve been asking myself if I really needed a Blackberry. True, it keeps me in touch with my emails, both corporate and personal, I make very good use of social media, etc and have information on the go.

    Nice as it sounds, sometimes I still have this feeling of been awash with “information” and losing touch with “myself” especially with the constant beeps of incoming (and sometimes not urgent) mails, BBM chats (you’ve got respond to so as not to be seen as a snub), tweets, GoogleTalk, etc.

    Because a BB works someone doesn’t mean it should work for me. Sometimes, these gadgets become fads just because a friend of mine uses ABC phone, then I should go buy it.

    Like you rightly observed, a mobile strategy is really needed before you think of picking a mobile phone. Ask yourself some important questions before you go out there to pick a mobile phone.

  6. At the end of the day, whatever mobile phone or mobile platform one chooses, one must be able to say that one’s personal and work life has improved because of it.

  7. nice piece Yomi, as for me I use a Nokia E71 dat I upgraded to the latest firmware update dat includes Mail for Exchange 3.0.
    My office mail is now sweet to access and even searching for colleagues emails and phone numbers is a piece of cake. Thanks to the company directory app. dat comes with Mail for Exchange.
    ‘mobile strategy’……..I love dat phrase

  8. Yomi, a balanced andmatter-of-fact article. From what I’ve read, maybe my wife actually needs a Blackberry. I should get one for her!

  9. Yemi,

    Thanks. You make a good point about being washed with TMI (too much information). Personally, I have dealt with that by deciding a strategy –

    1. I don’t do Facebook messages; if its important, I expect people to send a mail or call
    2. I turned off Facebook email notifications, so I attend to Facebook at my own leisure (after all, its called social networking)
    3. I get my personal and work email at different intervals and attend immediately to only really urgent mails. Everything else is attended to at my convenience. While I appreciate PUSH email, the world won’t come to an end if my mail gets to me at an interval of a few minutes

    This has helped cut down on the flood of information that this age is known for.


  10. I am too busy to blog these days but often tempted to respond to your blog posts through my personal blog.

    I have known you for about 7 years and how sophisticated you are with mobile communications, how you have effectively managed your lifestyle and business using mobile tech. However, I cannot push a thought off my mind: why has it taken so long to influence Mrs Adegboye to work more efficiently?

    Well, like they say, “better late than never”. 🙂
    Keep it up.

  11. Oluniyi,

    Finally, someone asked the billion naira question. I can’t answer that in the open here o if I don’t want to be signing divorce papers soon 🙂

    But you are an insider now. When we see in private, we will talk 😉

    Yup; better late than never is right.

  12. yomi you do not have to answer it in private when you meet him I will do it in public for you.Women are not easily convinced.It takes time patience careful & loving practical explanation to get them convinced.Did she say yes the first time you proposed? Try being an all knowing techno wiz mobile guru and you will never convince her for all eternity!.

  13. It is important for us to make perfect use of our devices to enhance our work and personal life. Alot of people carry around devices without using 5% of the opportunity available on the devices. Be it Nokia, Apple, Android, BB or even China phone make sure you explore it.

    The one reason why i will be getting a BB is because of “integration”.

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