Having had a BlackBerry 9360 with me for review for the last two weeks, it is now time for it to go. I have found

BlackBerry PIN – Need For A Concept Rethink

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BlackBerry Messenger

Having had a BlackBerry 9360 with me for review for the last two weeks, it is now time for it to go. I have found it an interesting device to use – like all others, it has its strengths and its flaws.

However, one flaw that bugs me now when I have to let it go is the fact that the unique PIN that I have used for communicating with other BB users on Blackberry Messenger (BBM) also has to go.

You see, the BB PIN is tied to each specific device. When the device goes, your PIN goes. See the consequent problems?

The problem of retaining your BBM contacts is easilly solved. always backup your BBM contacts on a regular basis. Back them up to your microSD card and make suire that you retain that when changing BlackBerry devices. Slot the card in your new device and restore your BBM contacts. done.

Or use BlackBerry Desktop Manager to switch devices. Your BBM contacts will be automatically transfered to your new device.

The Unsolved Problem

If, however, you have printed your PIN on your business card, letterhead or other literature, or posted it online like I recently did….. errrr… you have to print new materials or go modify your webpage/s. Gross.

The Solution

It is more expedient that the BBM PIN be attached to users’ Blackberry IDs or accounts, so that its a permanent contact that one needs not worry about. I hope that RIM effects a change to reflect this.

At the moment, this device-specific PIN is a clog in having people adopt their BlackBerry PINs as important contact information.

PS: If you added me to your BBM contact list, I’m off BBM till I have to review another BlackBerry device. I do have your details backed up, and I will show up as soon as I am BB active again.

For now, that PIN now belongs to someone else. Yes; shame.

But the Mobility BBM Group is still active, and I have granted Admin privileges to a few trusted individuals, so do keep having fun!


  1. EXECELLENT point!please just email RIM canada right away. Just wondering why they didnt see this coming?

  2. A very subtle problem there really. And it appears nobody has noticed it all this while, at least I haven’t heard anyone complaining. My take is that RIM would never think of changing their approach except there is a mass action. It would take so many people condemning and complaining about the approach to compel RIM into a rethink after all it appears to have been working so well for them up till now.

    I think another option to this problem is tying the PIN to their service rather than the device, that is, people register to the BBS with their individual unique IDs and get the PIN that remain tied to their IDs irrespective of which BB device they are using at any point in time.

    I think the approach has one benefit. People who are knowledgeable do not buy a BB device except they are sure of the source unlike other brands of phones.

  3. And here I was suggesting BB pins be put on business cards and letterheads.!

    I think RIM needs to seriously consider this brilliant idea. It could be a deal breaker for some people adopting the BB..

    OutOfDaBox thinking there, Mr. Mobility!

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