BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 update now here

Posted by Mister Mobility

If you have a BlackBerry PlayBook, OS 2.1 is here, and is available to users in Nigeria already. I have the notification on mine already, but I am putting off the update


The update is a 326MB file and is available OTA. Do tell us how your update goes.


  1. The update is a
    326MB file and is available

    How I wish the Sony Xperia Pro allows OTA update. EasyLife!

    I wonder why some manufacturers refuse to offer OTA updates..

  2. Just downloaded the new Blackberry Playbook 2.1 os. It took about 1hr to complete the download and installation.
    still under test and scrutiny, so far its been awesome. The text message icon is now on the blackberry bridge, when launched it shows all text messages on my bb with the contacts names.
    You need to also download blackberry bridge update from bb apps world, its available for download.
    All my sideloaded android apps are still working.
    We need more user experience to be able to rate the impact the additional features have on bb playbook experience.

  3. I completed my update yesterday, and everything has been just as the official changeover says so far. Still messing around though. Will come up with details later.

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