Blackberry Promotions on Etisalat

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Etisalat Nigeria is currently running offers for Blackberry devices.

2 Months Free for Existing Subscribers
For existing subscribers, Etisalat offers two(2) months free subscription with the following conditions:

Just pay two months Blackberry® from etisalat subscription* upfront and get two months extra free! That’s a whopping 4 months for the price of 2!

Your etisalat Blackberry service must not be suspended for you to be eligible for this offer, meaning your service must be active before you recharge.

All you have to do is recharge your account up to the required amount (N10,000 for BIS and N12,000 for BES, BES+) and text BIS to 300.

4 Months Free for New Subscribers
For new subscribers, you need to pick up a Blackberry 8520 for N45,000 to be eligible for this. I am not quite clear about the details now, but if you are interested, do give Etisalat customer care a call.

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  1. Is there much Blackberry can do for you that a tweaked good Nokia with N1000 per month Zain lite or etisalat data bundle can’t do for you? Apart from the ‘efizzy’ of course.

  2. @archie, you hit the nail on the head. I have never been moved by the Blackberry swager cos I don’t see what the noise is all about. Push-email? Most Nokia smartphones can do that, with the right configuration.

  3. Abeg, i support the argument. Apart from push mail and all that about corporate internet and exchange server stuff, what exactly is there in Blackberry that a good Nokia Smartphone or an iphone can’t do? And of course they can do all that with proper configuration. Is it just the self tweaking and configuration that costs the extra money?

    I understand that some Business Executives would not have the time to configure a Nokia phone. SO why not just buy a Blackberry with ready made configuration? If you ask me, I’d say , their Bad! We should spend more time to understand and appreciate our phone. Or why spend so much on a top end phone if we are not interested in using the features?

  4. Blackberry is da bomb..i don’t have time to do any configuration that might not even work at the end of the day, so i would rather go for an already configured BLACKBERRY phone. its tight and its got the swag…

  5. Dear All,

    I think we shd all look at it from the perspective of the popular “2 sides to a coin”. I as a finance professional dont really care about any configuring or tweaking any phone. As for what a BB does? Trust me, it’s worth it.

    I have created and been invited to groups. I have made new contacts and my professional network is improving! Via the BB chat, I have been able to do all sorts and trust me, a BB is worth anybody’s time, forget the effizy part of it. For me, a BB is a beautiful networking tool.

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