BlackBerry re-focuses on hardware QWERTY

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BlackBerry QWERTY

New BlackBerry CEO, John Chen has been quoted as saying that the company will “predominantly” focus on smartphones with physical keyboards rather than touchscreens.

Errr….some of us have been saying for years that it was the thing to do. Yes; it is niche, but it is viable and there is a loyal following. After a disastrous year chasing after what everyone else is chasing, BlackBerry is finally back to romancing the QWERTY.

Budget Too

Of course, I have also insisted that BlackBerry needs to deliver budget OS10 devices to the market. Thankfully, they are already addressing that with the new partnership with Foxconn. The first product of this new drive is expected before the middle of this year.

Whether these new moves are now too late or not is what we shall have to wait to see.



  1. Good that the qwerty fans will continue to have their fixes but will BlackBerry continue existing as a profitable business outfit and anything near the level they’ve operated before now?

    Changing their focus every now and then isn’t healthy for business too. Maybe operating as a niche business outfit with lowered expectations could help them to keep existing and making profits too. Maybe if our GSM operators will continue pampering the BlackBerry users on data subscription as they have been doing, more people may join the BlackBerry train for that benefit.

  2. yes, there’s a market for phones with physical keyboards but is this market big enough to drive profitability ? I have 2 phones with physical keyboards (i’m typing this using my Nokia E 63) but they’re basically backup phones. only use them when I need to do a lotta typing. there’s a reason why touch screen phones are the rave, and with fixes like the typo case for iPhones, the market for devices with physical keypads just got a little smaller

  3. // Errr….some of us have been saying for
    years that it was the thing to do//

    BB is for business. Yes.

    Quick questions ..

    How do I sign / annotate a PDF document on a hardware QWERTY_ied BlackBerry.

    How do I doodle, or use a drawing application on it?

    There are many classes of touchscreen_ only games your hardware QWERTY keyboard BB cannot touch, because it is touchless.

    No: this is a retrogressive step.

    I fear for BlackBerry.

    {{.. With Opera Max, already being beta _ tested for Android ( , the highly touted data compression prowess supposedly unique to BIS is about to be pure_waterized (made ubiquitous). After all, the majority of phones on earth run Android.

    If it works well on ANDROID (this is Opera) , we can be sure it would be done for other platforms..}}

  4. i think it’s great that they are going back to do what made them popular. i strongly believe that their is market for these hardware qwerty device as i have quite a few friends that can’t handle typing on a touchscreen keyboard.

    All they have to do is make some essential apps available on their ecosystem and make compelling devices (price and feature wise)

  5. strange but I too believe there is a market for physical keyboards especially for business-users. physical keyboards aren’t as unnecessary as virtual keyboards make them out to be. reason why a good number of tablet owners bundle their tabs with a keyboard to get serious work done

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