BlackBerry servers take a hit as BBM for Android leaks

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BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for Android is out and the whole planet seems to be trying to download and activate it. BlackBerry’s servers taking a huge hit apparently.

After downloading the app and trying to login, it so happened that I had forgotten my BlackBerry ID. So, I did a reset.


Subsequently attempting to login produced an error message that said there was a maintenance going on to upgrade BlackBerry’s systems in order to serve users better.


However, our own Patrick has been able to login successfully and provides us with this first view:

BBM for Android

Looks like everyone is trying to activate BBM, including those who diss the company. Oh well….


If you are facing issues downloading the app from BBM’s servers, you can download here.


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  1. // My prediction came true.
    Where are the whatsapp
    lovers? Lol.//

    what prediction came true? downloading not same as actually keeping ooo !

    nitial gragra is all.. it will pette..

  2. Mark, am not a betting man o.

    maybe you will still be vindicated in your prediction. But Whatsapp ain’t sleeping too.

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