Advertisement While having a conversation with a friend yesterday evening about the BlackBerry craze, he narrated an interesting experience. While in church during a marriage


BlackBerry – the Appeal, the Rave

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While having a conversation with a friend yesterday evening about the BlackBerry craze, he narrated an interesting experience. While in church during a marriage ceremony, two of the groom’s men were busy punching their BlackBerry smartphones. It took the preacher to call them to order. Even at that, one of them was still peeping by the side and looking at his phone every now and then.

This is just an example that I am sure you can relate with. The BlackBerry craze is everywhere. If you have never owned a BlackBerry, or don’t use yours as intensely, you might be wondering, What is this all about? I use a BB device intensely and have often asked myself how I would live without my BlackBerry. The truth is, that is exactly how many BlackBerry folks feel.


In this article, I will share with you how I use my own blackberry and the applications that have endeared the device to me.

I need to be connected to the internet on both my phone and PC, because they are my tools for working and learning. For work, email is essential to me, and the experience on a BB is excellent. I have Gmail account setup on my device. It also synchronises my Gmail contacts with my phone. I can also customise my signature from the email set-up too. If there is any email that requires my urgent attention I am able to respond to it quickly. Yes; I know that so many other phones do that too. Still, that doesn’t take anything away from the BlackBerry.


BlackBerry Messenger is awesome as a collaboration tool. Not only can you chat with people,you can also send them voice notes, files, and pictures. I use BBM to hold meetings with teams I work with.

I work hard and play hard too. I work in the mobile technology and social media industries. As such, tools like Twitter and Facebook are my trade. I use Ubbertwitter (now Ubbersocial), an app for Twitter and Facebook for BlackBerry devices.

I also have Snaptu installed on my BlackBerry. With Snaptu, I have access to Facebook, Twitter, my RSS feeds and so much more.
There’s also Google Mobile app, which includes, Gmail, Google maps, Google search and more via the browser.


WhatsApp allows me to chat with iPhone, Nokia and Android users.

The BlackBerry Catch
For me the main BlackBerry catch is its messaging convenience and how it is integrated with serviceslike Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, Gtalk and Yahoo Messenger. It may not compete with Android, iOS, WindowsPhone7 and Symbian in terms of number of available applications, but the BlackBerry’s communications capacity is simply awesome.

Another catch is the data compression technology. I have not been able to exhaust the monthly BIS subscription (See Why every Small Business Team Should Consider BlackBerry).


If I were using an Android, iOS, Symbian or WP7 phone, I am sure that I would need more than 1GB worth of data monthly (you know that costs N5,000 with Glo). If I were using mobile data on any of the other networks, I may have to use the mobile data plans of N1,000 per month which gives me just 100mb or 150mb data. Obviously with the many apps installed, that would not be enough.

Now you have it. I am sure many other BlackBerry users share my sentiments.


So, what is your own reason for loving the blackberry so much? Which blackberry apps do you use and why do you use them?

Some people just spite blackberry users due to the craze and attachment. Let’s hear from you too. Why would you never use a BlackBerry device?

All aboard!

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  2. Yeah, I’ve always been spiteful of BBs. At my place of work, there was this corper who was so into her bb that she rarely got any work done. She got beeps like every20 seconds! I also detested them bcoz of their social craze and being the’in’ thing.

    Since I started using twitter regularly this year, I now realize how valuable a bb can be. At the office, I tweet on my laptop. Outside, it’s more stressful when typing on the screen of a touchscreen.

    I’ve decided to get a qwerty phone for my social networking. I’m currently looking for a fairly used bold2. Also, as a geek, I’m eager to learn as much as I can. I’m pissed off at knowing less of bb terminologies than some dumb people just bcoz I resisted blackberries for so long.

  3. Sometimes i get to wonder why mobile networks don’t offer something similar to the BIS plan like a data bundle (1GB for N3000). It would be good for those using the Android, Symbian, iOS and WP7 platforms.

    With my N8, the 100MB data bundle on MTN lasts for two weeks since the phone is always connected to the internet for push messages, chat and general synchronisation. I do a lot of browsing too. I like the BIS feature on BB and the data compression technology which helps the network provider too but they should do something concerning other platforms who need similar data plan.

  4. Kenjnr,

    You can refer to the post on new data plans for etisalat. You can have 500mb for N3,000 and 1.5gb for N5,000. Glo also gives you 1.5gb for N5,000. You could try them out.


    I said same about the blackberry initially. The more I use it, the more I ? its uniqueness to my personal needs. What count according to Etim’s article is your (data) needs.

  5. @Kenjnr: Airtel currently has a plan (Airtel Smartphone) of 1GB for 3,000 valid for 30 days…you can explore that.

  6. I do not use a BB but I have almost everybody in my office using it.

    What I like about BB.
    The BBM is cool and I love the integration and notifications,
    plus its still only on BB that you get the best data plans in Nigeria. The email app on the BB is also awesome I was impressed with the way it handled OWA.

    What I hate about BB
    WHY CANT THE NETWORK PROVIDERS ALLOW US TO SHARE THE BIS INTERNET ON PC. They just don’t want people to finish it abi, they will feel me when I get my BB.

    Why I will be buying a BB very soon
    Same as Spacyzuma
    I’ve decided to get a qwerty phone for my social networking. I’m currently looking for a fairly used bold2. Also, as a geek, I’m eager to learn as much as I can. I’m pissed off at knowing less of bb terminologies than some dumb people just bcoz I resisted blackberries for so long.

    But I will be getting the new BlackBerry Curve 3G because of its 0S 6.

  7. My data needs on the n8 are not large compared to my previous phone. This is bcoz symbian allows me to download apps offline, unlike bada OS. Any of the 100mb packages is ok for me. I’m currently using etisalat’s free15mb package.
    If I get a bb, I’ll avoid sharing my bb pin. I’ll also install a data counter, and then download as much as possible so I can test the data limits of my BIS.

  8. Bosun, trust me. I’ll finish the BIS data when I subscribe.

    Instead of buying a new bb, I’ve decided to get an old bold2 and upgrade it to OS6. Cheaper, and more educative.

  9. A nice article. Love the premise. But for some of us the Blackberry just isn’t it. I do not like the interface that much. And the browser isn’t just good enough for me. Also, the Multiple-media prowess
    Doesn’t deliver as you’d find in an Android or iOS phone. or even a top notch Symbian.

    Push email, twitter and Facebook integration are also in other platform like iOS too. Recently, Deoladoctor compared the speed of pushing emails between his Blackberry phone and his Nokia C6, using the default Nokia Messenger. I was a witness. The Nokia Messenger pushed Emails he mailed to himself about 2.5 seconds faster. My point? The Blackberry Messenger system is over-hyped and overrated. There are credible alternatives to it.

    The only good point or advantage of BB THAT I see over other platforms in Nigeria; is the BIS. IT HAS THE CHEAPEST rate in Nigeria. 3,000.00 Naira for 1-2 Gigabyte a month. No other platform offers any better competitive rate data services!

    All in all, You can’t convince me to buy and use a BB. That doesn’t mean that I am unmindful of the OS AND interface. As a Tech lover, I always make it a point of duty to know the pros and cons and in and out of ALL Platforms! So I am not In the dark when you discuss BB. Just that I am not interested in owning one!

  10. well.. i am not a bb fan. though i give it to RIM for a great device ; but do you know what is extraordinary? IOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. my opinion ooo… i have never owned a bb before (i even passed one that i was given as a gift) but my wife has her bold2 for over a year now. Ofcourse it can get a lot of work done… but each time she uses my sgs, she goes “wwwoooooowwwww”. may be i am just the “wwoowww”” kind of guy. i get bored with smartphones that just do the basic the same old way. i couldn’t even wait for the official bb OS6 update, i upgraded her’s using the leaked version and she is happier with her phone (extended her battery life by like 30%).The BBM is quite unique… but i dont think i am missing much really.. i can share same contents with my yahoo mssgr for android and the whatsapp app.

  11. @kenjnr

    100mb data in 2 weeks and you think you are a heavy user? Get yourself an android and see. My S.E. Xperia 10 finishes etisalat 100mb in 3 days. I think what I need might be the airtel’s new 1gb for N3,000.

    Now talking about the likes and dislikes, anyone that has used a berry will difficult using any other phone. The phone is just too addicting. Its a joy to use. The keypad is sweet for social networking and the BBM is great. You don’t want to drop the phone because you don’t want to be out of touch with your messenger pals and groups. Aside from messenger and the social media integration, BB is not as good as other phones until you go to the OS 6 level. Not much can be done in terms.of games and you are limited in most cases to about 200mb space for applications which cannot be installed on memory card.

    My main grouse with BB ois that it is too addicting. I detest anything that tries to control me or anything that makes me dependent on it. I still use my BB but am looking seriously for ways of parting ways with it. Its only strong rival, the android, is not making life easy for me because of its data hunger and usage cost. Also, typing on a touchscreen virtual keyboard is a real chore.

  12. Let me quickly add that blackberry browser is the worst of all smartphone browsers. So dry, no tab browsing and with poor page rendering. The much acclaimed push email was put to the test and found to be not as efficient as that of Nokia C6. But the keyboard on BB is superb for a candybar phone. Data compression and cheap data usage is a plus for the blackberry.

    Let’s not forget the hype this phone is enjoying in Nigeria at the moment. You carry a berry, you immediately get placed in a class. Am sure this rave will soon die out but while it lasts, you are hot with a berry.

  13. as i read down,i was sayin2myself,let afewgoodmen speak-he wil likely speak my beliefs too.I Was Right! Put a qwatery key pad on an andriod&symbian3 smart phones&BB dies.gosh! i hate that device,especialy the hypnotic effect it has on people.let us push for dedicated data platform for smart phones,as that of airtel

  14. Jesse:
    The new data plans on etisalat looks great and i’d love to give it a try but i don’t want to carry three phones around. Though they seem a little bit expensive with such amount of data. Thanks…

    I’ve searched over the net but still couldn’t find Airtel’s 1GB N3000 plan. I’d like to try that as soon as my bundle is exhausted. How can i find it. Thanks

    How does it feel, migrating from Wave’s Bada to N8’s Symbian?

    I’ve tried cutting down my usage but two weeks is the best i could. Sometimes, i don’t go as far as ten days even without downloading. I use Visafone for downloads and heavy surfing. Android is such a Data and Power hungry OS and that scares me away.

  15. I like that @delodoctor, “you are hot with a berry.” Spoooky 😉
    Blackberry, Just another companion.

    I am waiting for the killer of the blackberry in terms of data compression and unique messaging feature and social integration. You know the data cap, sucks when using an android. Android, I love <3 you, but I tend to worry about data when I use one. with Blackberry am free.

    don't forget also that the business community in Nigeria has a lot of leverage investing on a blackberry device. 🙂

  16. You guys are kinda discouraging me from gettin an android phone oo…i cant finish 100mb on my S60v3 no matter how long i browse as long as i dont download much..but exhausting 100mb in just 3days is not good bargain for money abeg..

  17. @Kenjnr: simply recharge with the required 3,000 and dial *141*712*10# to activate the Airtel Smartphone plan of 1G valid for 30 days.

  18. @ jujukemist
    Motorola pro is there for your taste of an android.

    @ shayman…
    You don’t have to feel or get discouraged about gettjg your android. Just way all your options right. One hung I can tell you is if you want to use the data plan of 100mb/month, you can. Just install juice defender and wet it at “extreme” option. Its will make data available for the few apps you choose and only when you need them to connect to the net. It will also help double your battery efficiency or more. But if you desire to enjoy your android to the fullest…you will need a data plan that is more than 100mb. Virtually every user app and system apps connects to the net even without its request from you. Its browser plays flash content which also feeds on heavy data. But all in all…. my android is the best gadget have ever had. I am in the habit of changing my phone every birthday….but I don’t myself doing that this year because even the samsung galaxy s 2 that I would like to upgrade too….the gingerbread os (2.3) running on it will soon be made available by developers to my samsung vibrant max next month. That’s tue other benefit of using android…your software hardly goes out of fashion!

  19. The truth is, the BlackBerry smartphone was not meant for every one. I have seen people who use BlackBerry just because of BBM and I find it irritating that when someone sees you with a BB, the next question is “what’s your pin?” The BB’s a good smartphone but frankly speaking, there are alot of people who have no business with the BB but hey #isityourmoney?

  20. Belushi – “That’s true other benefit of using android…your software hardly goes out of fashion”

    It depends on the manufacturer of your android phone o! Some have better upgrade support than others. HTC & Samsung are good in that aspect. Sony Ericsson are very slow in pushing upgrades, and Motorola almost never does!

  21. It felt good returning to the familiar ecosystem of Nokia/Symbian. Don’t get me wrong, badaOS coupled with SuperAMOLED was great, but it suffered from some deficiencies that pissed me off:
    – All apps had to be installed online
    – B4 connecting it to a computer in pc-suite mode, all the running apps had to be shut down.
    – Samsung was delaying in releasing the bada1.2 they promised in November.

  22. The BB is still not for me, two major reasons:
    1. I’m really not into social networking, so I rarely chat, twit or receive urgent mails that I must respond to. I still don’t want a facebook account. So, I don’t appreciate the integration BB devices provide. Besides, the very rare times I do chat and skype, I prefer doing so on my netbook.

    2. Today’s BBs have really come of age, great designs, better features and improved functionalities. Where I still have a problem is their small screen sizes. NO 2.6″ to 2.8″ sizes for BB physical qwerty devices. No 3.5 to 4.3″ sizes for touch devices.

  23. Here are the reasons why I will never use a blackberry (at least not in the immediate future)

    Please note this reasons are personal to me and it should not be interpreted as an attack on BBS or its users. Its just my personal preference.

    Open Standard vs Proprietary Closed ecosystem
    Perhaps the biggest reason I never even considered using a bb is the same u wont see me facebook or linkedin. I am always very wary of any any technology whose strength lies in a lock in mentality. BBS is a technology that can only be used on a blackberry (if u pay your subscription) so even though I may not like the bb hardware, (which lets face is are total crapware compared to the alternative for the same price) from camera (and I love photography) to multimedia experience bbs are lame, the software is even inferior to symbian which many see as inferior to android, iOS and wp7 in terms of usability, ease of use and look and feel. not to talk of the app ecosystem, again bbs come last. It cant be used as a gaming device so no angry bird (sorry) All the bb seems to have is its bbm, so I am forced to use an inferior device because of bbm and have to be taxed to pay a monthly fee to be able to unlock this feature. This whole setup has alarm bells ringing all over me. Hence even having a BB device is not enough, I have to be tired to paying a monthly fee (even if I might have wireless coverage in my home and office) to be able to access my emails and chat with my BB buddies. Sorry I think I would pass.

    BB is not exclusive as many like to think: Many have asked me why don’t I have a bb, I respond by asking “why do I need one?” “Oh you get your email on the go.” and I reply “well my phone has push email function with imap idle support (the standard way to access emails), hence I already do my email on the go”

    true but then there is also bbm, to which I reply, everyone I know with a bb has a yahoo/hotmail/gtalk msgr account and is always logged in to their msger. so I can just get in touch with them the same way any one with a bb can. Then there go on rambling about how its cool and makes the process easy bla bla bla..

    To be honest I can quite understand why some people see the need for a bb, its offers a cheap and reliable way to connect to the web and also stay in touch with friends (many of which have already be highlighted in this post) Its just that in my case I always have access to broadband internet were I work and same thing for home. Even if this were not the case, I would still be paying for internet because my broadband needs are so intense that BBS can not met my needs. The BBS offers an internet experience which I find too limited for my use case.

    What I get in return is the freedom to choose any mobile hardware I want, and a software ecosystem that is modern and vibrant. and at the same time be connected to standard messaging technologies available to everyone with an internet aware computing device from a cheap nokia s40 device to well a bb :P.

  24. I was one of them folks who had “beef” with blackberry users always posing with their “yeye” phones but I just got a curve 3g last week and I love the thing to death. lol

    My laptop has now taken second place as I do everything (email,twitter and facebook) I want to do on my blackberry.

    @Deola: I ain’t used to hitech phones but I think the browser is manageable depending of course on which bb model one is using.

  25. The Blackberry is an awesome tool, yes. Depends largely on your need and capacity. Nigeria-wise, Blackberry Appworld is open to us, you do not need to hack or jail break before you have access to the free and paid applications.

    There are numerous benefits to anyone who is using a blackberry or who decides to peak one. one ‘but’ BIS service is epileptic. that taken out, its an awesome device that gets the job done with less geeki-ness, smart and simple. 😉

    Enjoy your blackberry device bro. when the service is more stable let me know.

  26. true, Blackbery phone was not meant for everyone.

    If you decide to use it, you would have to consider
    you need and the offering of the blackberry device.

    If you are not heavy into messaging, social media and e-mails
    all combined, forget about the blackberry then. those are its
    strength that I have tested.

  27. @Jesse Oguntimehin,

    “….. but’ BIS service is epileptic. that taken out, its an awesome device that gets the job done…. ”

    Interesting, i thought once BIS is taken out there is no Blackberry. Or am i missing something?

    BIS is the bedrock of Blackberry so our carriers should improve on this services if they are to be seen as encouraging us on the use of this device.

  28. i finally decided to buy a smartphone and was inundated by “Ha!!Ope o!!buy BB” from my numerous friends.i have used a S60 phone since 2007 and it can do more than most BBs around!might not have push mail buy i can check my mail when i want,i have Nimbuzz installed and chat with most of the BB users.i also have more than 15 wonderful games installed. so excuse me if i am wary of a phone that cannot give me at least what my Nokia gives me! so i am off to get myself an LG optimus one with Android 2.2 Froyo!!!

  29. dnt v any grudge,but as a techie geek,ll stick to an android or winmobile.the bb specs is quite low,browsing is terrible,phone hangs,not app friendly.palringo,nimbuzz does betta dan d bbm cos it connects to ur other social networks like fb,twitter,ym,aim,etc.u v millions of fb nd twitter apps,push mail exist,media playn is fantastic,superfast,even on my htc ,v got an fm radio app.nd i subscribe fr d airtel 3k fr tel me hw d bb is better.i listen to radio or music payer while browsing without hitches

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