In 2016, it is Android OS all the way for BlackBerry

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BlackBerry CEO John Chen says that the Priv has sold fairly well and that following on that success, the one or two BlackBerry phones to be released this year will run Android OS. No surprise there. Chen didn’t say that BlackBerry OS is being abandoned though. He has released a statement to say that BlackBerry 10 smartphones such as Passport, Classic and others will get many security and privacy enhancements in 2016. That sounds like existing BB10 devices will continue to be supported.

Blackberry Priv

Should you expect new BB10 phones sometime in the future? Let me put it this way: if the 2016 BlackBerry phones running Android OS do even better than the Priv, why exactly should BlackBerry make BB10 smartphones again? Aha. You catch the drift. This is beginning to look like how Nokia eased Symbian OS out for Windows Phone years ago.

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  1. I hope if they do make further phones they’re not as expensive as the Priv, or they would be shooting themselves in the foot. Last year BlackBerry released at least two devices, the Leap and the Priv, and a Passport Limited Edition.

    Maybe we should expect no BB10 devices this year?

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