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I have had the 9630 Tour for about a week now. That one week has been school time for me, as this is the first time that I am actually using a BlackBerry device (and a BlackBerry subscription too).

In this article, I will present useful information and tips on BlackBerry usage. Some of the information below may be specific to the Tour, but the majority work for all modern BlackBerry devices.

  1. Bluetooth file transfer
    Sending of files to my N900 works fine. Bluetooth receiving is a greater headache. You need to select “Receive using Bluetooth” in the menu. Even at that connection kept failing
  2. Documents editing
    The built-in Documents to Go suite offers editing capabilities (including .docx) out-of-the-box for devices running OS 4.5 and beyond
  3. Is it possible to use data bundle on a BlackBerry?
    Yes; you can. The trade-off is that you won’t be able to use that plan with any of the built-in apps that require a BB service e.g. email (except for Gmail), browser, chat. Third party apps will be able to use that connection though.
  4. Can you use a BlackBerry device as a modem with PC?
    Yes; you can. You need to download BlackBerry Desktop Manager to your PC for you to be able to do that.
  5. Does BIS service also include web browsing or do you have to pay additional for web browsing on the BlackBerry?
    It includes web browsing if you select “Internet browser” in the browser settings and use the correct APN. If those settings are not correct, you are billed from the airtime balance on your SIM.
  6. USSD issues
    I was unable to check my balance or load airtime until I had subscribed for BIS service. I simply kept getting an error. After subscribing to BIS, USSD codes worked just fine.
  7. How to get USSD codes i.e. codes in the format *…# working
    Go to “Options” – “Mobile Network” – put “Data Services” in the off position – “Network Selection Mode” should be “Automatic” – “Network Technology” should be “Global”. After completing these steps, turn the phone off then remove and replace the battery – All should be well. After processing the USSD codes for BB services you will need to re-enable Data Services in the Mobile Network Options Menu in order to gain data services
  8. File Manager
    No built-in file manager The file manager is hidden away under the “Media” menu. To access it, go to Media> BB button> explore.
  9. Web Browsing
    The built-in browser does not work (even hides) if there is no BIS subscription. The browser supports javascript, but not flash. Some advanced functionality do not work, and there is no option to open multiple pages or tabs
  10. Battery life
    Battery life is good. With a constant connection to a 3.5G network for PUSH email, BB chat, and some web browsing, the Tour held its own for about 48 hours. In comparison, my N900 would have been dead in 10 hours max under those conditions.
  11. BlackBerry Chat
    Really cool, though restricted to only BB users. Includes ability to record and send audio files, among others.
  12. Performance
    There are very few lags in the user interface, except for booting, which takes ages. The interface is simple (no eye candy) but works with little or no annoying lags
  13. Navigation
    Navigation on the Tour is by BlackBerry’s popular trackball (used with the BB menu button), instead of the optical track pad on newer Blackberry devices. The trackball gave no issues, but note that scrolling down a long page can be a pain.
  14. Social Networking
    The Tour has apps for Flickr, Facebookand MySpace built-in. The Facebook application is the best that I have seen on any mobile device.
  15. How to change my number
    Dial ##000000 send and change the mobile directory number to your number then hit the BlackBerry menu then save.

This page will continue to be updated with more information as I discover them, or as you ask questions.

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