BlackBerry uploads all the PRIV apps to Google Play Store

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The Blackberry Priv is almost here!! Pre-orders have started already for the phone. Remember that this phone will be officially launched on the 6th of November. Probably in preparation for this, BlackBerry has uploaded to Google Play Store, all the custom apps they made for this device.


This means that these apps will work on other Android devices. Sad part is that the apps aren’t available for download yet. We’re guessing this situation is pending till the official launch of the phone. This is also a good move. Instead of waiting for techies to mod the apps and upload themselves. Below is a full list of the apps uploaded by BlackBerry:

  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • BlackBerry Calendar
  • Contacts
  • BlackBerry Hub
  • BlackBerry Device Search
  • BlackBerry Launcher
  • BlackBerry Keyboard
  • BlackBerry Services
  • Password Keeper
  • BlackBerry Camera
  • DTEK by BlackBerry, and
  • MicrosoftexFAT

Whew!! Long list right ? 🙂 I’m excited and can’t wait to first download and test both the BlackBerry Hub and the BlackBerry keyboard. Another catchy app is the MicrosoftexFAT. We looked at it’s description page to see that it’s used for formatting SDXC cards.

Click HERE to find all these apps.


  1. BlackBerry hub! I would pay for this, closest thing is Snowball and that only handles notifications

  2. BlackBerry Hub for the win! Not going to trade in my BlackBerry just yet…unless it’s for a Priv.

  3. BlackBerry has had apps on the PlayStore for a while though, BBM, BES client etc. don’t see how this equals a serious pitch

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