BlackBerry v6.1 renamed v7 – what else?

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BlackBerry v6.1 was the evolutionary upgrade to BlackBerry v6 announced by Research In Motion (RIM) earlier in the year.

BlackBerry v7 has been rumored as the OS version that would bring QNX (the OS that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet runs on) to BlackBerry smartphones.

Are you with us so far?

The guys at CrackBerry now have it on good authority that v6.1 is going to be unveiled as v7 next week at BlackBerry World – and no; it won’t run QNX. Apparently, RIM decided against calling the upcoming update v6.1 because it will not be quite compatible with the current crop of BB smartphones because of certain hardware requirements – hence dubbing it version 7.

Anyway, we hear that the coming update is a very sweet one (and we already think that v6 is sweet, so you can salivate a bit). Just so you have an idea, here is a list of features to expect in the upcoming v7:
blackberry roadmap 2011 14

  • Faster User Experience – In addition to the snappier experience of more CPU power in the next generation of BlackBerry hardware, RIM is implementing something they have dubbed “Liquid Graphics” which optimizes the graphics pipeline and BlackBery Java apps to offer increases in frames per second performance with instant UI action/response, fluid animations, etc. It should be the best touchscreen experience yet. In 6.1 it supports high resolution (24 bit color) graphics across all apps, and it leverages the hardware and architecture to reduce UI Lag and Latency.
  • Improved Web Browsing – The new browser will leverage the increased processing power and hardware-enabled graphics acceleration to provide what RIM is touting to be industry leading performance.
  • More Powerful Search – The Universal Search of BlackBerry 6 is going to be extended to now enable Voice-enabled Universal Search. There will also be graphical tweaks here to improve US.
  • Greater Personalization – You’ll be able to manage the Home Screen panes of BlackBerry 6 (disable/hide different views like Media, Favorites, etc. as you wish.
  • Enhanced Virtual Keyboard on Touchscreen Devices – Expect a better virtual keyboard with single entry point for numbers/symbols from alphabetical mode, and improved visuals to show temporary states and to hide the keyboard.

On the hardware side, you can expect BlackBerry smartphones with faster processors, HD video recording, 3D graphics support, higher resolution displays and memory upgrades.

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  1. We are certainly going to see a Storm 3 very very soon because Storm 2 was released in November 2009.

    Cant wait to hear the full gist.

  2. Looks like I may just jump on the blackberry bandwagon one of these days.

    Waiting for the ‘monthly contribution’ to drop to an abysmal level…say N1.5k

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