BlackBerry, where is our v10.3.2.680 update?

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blackberry 10-3-2 update where~2

I remember commending BlackBerry over how smooth the v10.3.1.1779 update was executed. Well, since BlackBerry is now messing up with a another update, it is only fair that I express my frustration. In early June, the company announced that OS version was now seeding to BB10 devices.

That was over a month ago, and only one person I know has received said update. Everyone else that I have asked replied that they are yet to get it. I haven’t received it either. I am still stuck on the infamous v10.3.1.779. Sigh.

Dear BlackBerry, where is our v10.3.2.680 update?


  1. I was beginning to think I was the only one left out. What factors could be responsible for ur friends update? Network, Phone model, location or pure luck?

  2. The update is hiding behind the new BlackBerry hybrid announcement 😀

    Now that’s strange if only one person you know of has received it Mister Mo. Where was their phone originally made/sold?

  3. Mr Mo, I actually received the update on my z10. The update is v10.3.2.556, released by Verizon.

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