BlackBerry Z10 Review – For N140,000?

There is a lot of buzz around the new BlackBerry 10 flagship, the Z10. Looking good and bringing some new tricks to the table, BlackBerry fans around here have been contacting me about looking forward to my review of the device. Of course, I am looking forward to publishing a review as soon as I get my hands on one.


Earlier today, on Twitter, I ran into a couple of individuals who said they could get a BlackBerry Z10 from the UK 9where it is already available) for anyone interested. Hallelujah; right?! Right. The first individual gave a price tag of N140,000. My first reaction was to immediately renew my love for the Nokia 808 PureView that I am so using right now. Heck, I find that just seeing that price tag makes me love even the Lumia 610 more. I’d gladly put my micro-SIM in the 610 and enjoy it than splurge N140,000 on a Z10. For wetin na? But it didn’t end there.

One other gentleman friend of mine responded that if I wanted a Z10 delivered to me this coming Tuesday, it is a done deal for N170,000 only. Ohhhhhh, baby!

Should I say more? At this rate, don’t expect a BlackBerry Z10 review from me soon, unless you all don’t mind me taking up an offering to get one. Or perhaps a review unit from BlackBerry finds its way to me. In the meantime…. what say ye?

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