There is a lot of buzz around the new BlackBerry 10 flagship, the Z10. Looking good and bringing some new tricks to the table, BlackBerry

BlackBerry Z10 Review – For N140,000?

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There is a lot of buzz around the new BlackBerry 10 flagship, the Z10. Looking good and bringing some new tricks to the table, BlackBerry fans around here have been contacting me about looking forward to my review of the device. Of course, I am looking forward to publishing a review as soon as I get my hands on one.


Earlier today, on Twitter, I ran into a couple of individuals who said they could get a BlackBerry Z10 from the UK 9where it is already available) for anyone interested. Hallelujah; right?! Right. The first individual gave a price tag of N140,000. My first reaction was to immediately renew my love for the Nokia 808 PureView that I am so using right now. Heck, I find that just seeing that price tag makes me love even the Lumia 610 more. I’d gladly put my micro-SIM in the 610 and enjoy it than splurge N140,000 on a Z10. For wetin na? But it didn’t end there.

One other gentleman friend of mine responded that if I wanted a Z10 delivered to me this coming Tuesday, it is a done deal for N170,000 only. Ohhhhhh, baby!

Should I say more? At this rate, don’t expect a BlackBerry Z10 review from me soon, unless you all don’t mind me taking up an offering to get one. Or perhaps a review unit from BlackBerry finds its way to me. In the meantime…. what say ye?


  1. …hope our long waiting really pay off, 140k ke? well, rim should be serious about African market “price wise” if they really want to make an impact.

  2. When they are other phones better than it,is it going to break pre-order record?For that price it’s not worth it,the price will eventually crash.

  3. Outrageous unjustifiable pricing is another reason BB’s latest effort will be stillborn. Why not regain consumer confidence first before going gaga with iPhone-like pricing? The top dogs aside iPhone 5 are not that expensive!

  4. For those plagued with the BBM syndrome, I wish you good luck. You have a new toy with a price tag of between N140k-N170k.
    My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 performing optimally gives me all the excitement I need. Even in excess

  5. Between #140000 and #170000 you have not seen anything yet.Trust our Nigerian resellers it should be a minimum of #200,000. If anyone doubt me go compare the price of any flagship phone as soon as they are released with what obtains globally and what we have here. Patience is the name of the game in this clime or buy on line.

  6. RIM will do well to make available a BB10 available to Mr MO free of charge for review. His review of PlayBook aroused my interest in it, and I got one without a regret except the initial set up. Mobility Nigeria is big enough with a lot of follower, who has the means to acquire the BB 10 but they may need enlightenment to make decisions.

  7. 140 – 170k? ok o, don’t worry I will just wait patiently till the price drops, as it will surely drop.
    And I can be very patient, after all my 9810 is still in tiptop condition after serving me well over than a year and some …….

  8. Benzion,

    Thanks for the endorsement. That is the power of detailed, unbiased reviews. They help end users sift through the hype and the chaff to arrive at informed decisions.

    Any BlackBerry rep reading this? 😉

  9. This is the reason android reigns supreme i look at other phone manufactures like blackberry and apple oh yes i’m talking about iphone 5 and i wonder why people buy their products obviously we all know why bb sells => cheap internet access when compared to other oems, but why does the iphone sells my answer fanboyism simple. If i’m buying a phone the first thing that crosses my mind is the specs. cause i see no reason to buy an iphone 5 when i could get an android phone at half the price with better specs #doneventing #he compared my tecno n3 with his i- phone 3g

  10. Please, did marketing sense die with RIM? or Blackberry is just trying to toss Africa (Nigeria) into the bin?
    This price is copious and yes, not what we expected.

  11. I’m pretty sure the BlackBerry Bold Torch launched at around N120k and compared to Z10 its pretty much a tool. So why all the nagging?

  12. I thought I could replace my second phone which is a washed up BlackBerry 7 device. I think I’ll just I’ll just maintain status quo.

  13. Stuffs are always more expensive in the UK, probably because of taxes.

    This is a flagship device and am sure we will get it cheaper when it gets to US in around Mid-Feb to early March for both Q10 and Z10. But mind you, don’t expect anything less than 100k.

    If you want this device and you have the means, Please Place an order, if not, just wait.

    For those who want something cheaper, lets hope BB makes a Curve like price BB10.

    As for Mr Mo. Blackberry please send him at least 1, for our sake.

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