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There is no denying that Blackberry devices are very popular in Nigeria right now or are they?. For those that stay in Lagos and Abuja a Blackberry phone is seen almost everywhere but what of the remaining 30 something states?.

I do not know how popular it is in other states of the federation but i doubt that it will be even half as much as dominant/popular as it is in Lagos and Abuja. Recently one of my friends who is currently doing his youth service in Makurdi was tweeting about being in a cyber cafe and more than half phones there were Nokia phones. He later tweeted later about the Blackberry hype or craze as he puts it is dominant only in Lagos. Here is his tweet below

Even most consumers that get a Blackberry device get it second hand because of the high price point of Blackberry devices. In a post by Udegbunam Chukwudi on his blog titled Three Great Ways RIM BlackBerry Can Boost Their Earnings In Nigeria, the third way he suggested was for RIM to hijack the second hand Blackberry market in Nigeria.

I live in Ogun state and frankly speaking Blackberry phones are outnumbered 20 to 1. Maybe the fact that the network operators advertise Blackberry devices and services/packages so vehemently has created an aura of popularity for Blackberry phones. Prices paid for Blackberry internet service have dropped drastically from their previous price points to something affordable and cheap but it is the network operators that gain not RIM.

With the fact that most devices are bought second hand, how does RIM hope to get money from hardware/device sales?. Further more as i stated above, the price of subscription has dropped and i doubt if they make much money from the BIS/BBM service that they provide too.

So the question that i ask today is that is Blackberry that popular in Nigeria? and how is Blackberry ownage in whatever part of the country that you are reading Mobility from?


  1. Hmmmm, come to think of it sef, it’s true oh! I don’t really see Blackberries here as much as one would do in efizzy states of the nation. Even amongst doctors sef, it’s either Samsung or Nokia.

    It’s only a few of us that are dedicated to BB ’cause we know what’s up! Lol

    Thanks for the mention man 😉

  2. I live in lagos like you know and I must say, If you don’t own a blackberry here, you’re not among the big boys/girls here… They don’t even know what an Android device is and very fwe of them have heard of iPhones or iOS. Blackberry is a Trending device and BBM Pin is a Trending phrase in Lagos.

  3. I originally live in PH and there is an abundance of blackberry devices there. It is very common to chance upon people fingering their BB at the bus stop, in a public transportation vehicle, at the Church, in the Cinema, at the market, etc. During my stay at NYSC orientation camp at Kwara state though, I got to get a glimpse of the other side of this picture. Very few people out of the 2000+ corpers at the camp had a blackberry device. Now, this could just be because they were afraid to bring them to the camp so they don’t get stolen. However, I believe even that would amount to very few people. Fast forward to the present and at my PPA, I have come across very few people using blackberries. As a matter of fact, the only other person at my PPA with a blackberry is the school’s principal. Apart from her, I know a handful of fellow corpers that also use bbs. That’s about it.
    So, I’m inclined to agree that the BB popularity has more to do with its present status as a Popular culture Icon in Nigeria than a testament to the popularity and widespread adoption of blackberry devices in the country.

  4. Emman is just echoing a well known truth. Lagos, Abuja, Kano and PCH are the main cosmopolitan city in Nigeria and there is the concentration of industries. Look at fuel distribution in Nigeria Lagos alone consume all the fuel allocated to all the 19 northern state. Also when the GSM company are lauching a new product they always start with Lagos. Even 3G network so many big town in Nigeria have not smell it as we are discussing this. Is not Dr. U that said in Sokoto there are no 3G network there.

  5. On the other side of it. It is the people outside lagos that need blackberry more because of its benefit intern of low maintenance cost compared to android and other phones. I leave in Ibadan have ever seen anybody holding android phones hmmm except few student many don’t even know there is blackberry or android in this part of the world. The use of phone here is to receive and make calls also to use to sum up the cost of goods and the change to collect.

  6. Blackberry popularity in Lagos is already annoying.

    People who cant even afford “basics” have a blackberry.

  7. Don’t really agree. I still feel Blackberry is the most used smartphone in Nigeria. In Delta state, many people use and are embracing Blackberries. I even feel Compelled to get one now just because of the BBM.

  8. I’m in Ife, can’t say much abt the town in general but bb use is quite prevalent on campus and in the hospital although android has been increasing it’s presence of recent as many of the residents are beginning to go the galaxy way.

  9. Lagos is a big place, never assume most people in Lagos use Blackberry; in certain parts of Lagos yes, but not everywhere. I can testify to this – unless things have drastically changed recently, I’ve never seen a BB in my neck of the woods.

    Again, Blackberry may be more popular amongst certain groups of people than others. Most people I know will swear by their Nokia and China-made phone.

  10. I live in Lagos and I can tell you seriously that the BB ‘craze’ has gone up. The only snag I’ve also noticed is that a lot of people just want to belong, majority don’t even know beyond pinging and receiving calls! Some don’t even know its possible to send and receive emails, some have not even set up their mails! Its such a shame!

  11. Some don’t even know its possible to send and receive emails, some have not even set up their mails! Its such a shame!

    That’s true!

    The BlackBerry is very common here in Lagos, even kids can identify BB devices onsight without even blinking twice. It has even gotten to the stage where people who can’t afford 3-4 square meals daily go out of their way to get a second hand or even a third hand one. All in the name of “Being/Feeling Among.”

    The BB hype has actually made some dudes out there go crazy.

  12. It does not have to be popular in every locality but aggregate popularity from different localities and without doubt, it’s the most popular smartphone presently in Nigeria.

  13. Prices paid for Blackberry internet service have dropped drastically from their previous price points to something affordable and cheap but it is the network operators that gain not RIM.

    I beg to differ here. Using basic Economics, RIM stands to gain more from the cost reduction by having more people subscribe for the service. In these parts, price reduction is a game changer and a win win situation for every one. However, the operators have to be careful here because BBM may be gradually reducing their income from SMS.

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