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World Premiere on Aliexpress BlackFriday for only $109.99! Blackview A85 features a 6.5-inch 90 Hz display, UNISOC T606 & Doke OS 3.0, 4480mAh  Battery, 18W Fast Charging

BlackFriday 2022 is happening right now and brings a torrent of unbeatable deals for the holiday season, so it’s the perfect time to grab yourself a new device. To thank its customers for their long-term support, Blackview has massively reduced the price of its products including phones, smart watches, earphones, tablets, and laptops, especially its new flagship phone Blackview A85.


BlackView A85 Black Friday 2022

The flagship offering  Blackview A85 is launched on BlackFriday, which helps the brand cement its reputation for gorgeous design smartphones with deluxe performance. In the era of homogenization of phone appearance, Blackview spares no efforts to explore more possibilities in refining exquisite designs, and previously released A100 and A95 are terrific endeavors. The Blackview A85 adheres to the A series’ heritage of innovation and style with trendy aesthetics, while it comes with a lighter and thinner body, more brilliant colors, better camera quality, a faster operating system, and a larger battery & capacity.

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Trendy design -6.5-inch 90 Hz display&8.6mm thin & 193g light body & multiple colors

The Blackview A85 flaunts a 6.5-inch HD display with a 90Hz refresh rate on screen and is covered with sophisticated CNC and electroplating processes in the glass back. Additionally, it is measured 8.65mm in thickness and  193 grams in weight, perfectly illustrating the elaborate craftsmanship of Blackview. 

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Another selling point of the device is its captivating colors including Sky Mirror, Space Black, and Deep Sea Blue. As told by the name, the designers made fresh and bold attempts to interweave different layers of colors together to present the color of the deep sea and the sky, expressing the pure beauty of nature to users. Especially the Sky Mirror is much commended, It is inspired by the magical sky of versatile colors. Once you are holding it, this striking color makes you stand out from the crowd anywhere.

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Studio-level Camera: 50MP +8MP Rear Cameras&8 MP front camera& Various Photo Modes

For those shutterbugs, who enjoy professional photography for characters, objects, or scenery, the Blackview A85 is definitely designed for them.

The Blackview A85 comes with a 50MP Samsung® ISOCELL JN1 sensor & an 8MP 120°ultra-wide & ultra-macro sensor as its rear camera and an 8 MP front camera. Thanks to a 50MP Samsung® ISOCELL JN1 sensor, the Blackview A85 is capable of 4-in-1 pixel binning technology for low-light photography. By 8MP 120°ultra-wide & ultra-macro sensor, it offers users a wider field of view for large buildings, grand natural scenes, and group photos,  as well as a macro field of view for tiny subjects such as flowers, insects, and the dew in the early morning. Plus, an 8 MP front camera sensor helps you capture gorgeous memory for any moment with clear and sharp images. 

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But what Blackview A85 delivers is far more than just triple cameras, they offer plenty of Photo Modes including Panorama, Night Pro, Pro, Beauty, HDR, portrait, Cinematic 1080p Video Recording, and Ultra-res.

BlackView A85 Black Friday 2022 rear camera

Advanced performance with Industry-leading  Operating system & Capacity & Battery

To provide its users with a remarkable entertainment experience, Blackview has paid much attention to configuration upgradation with cutting-edge technology. It refers to the upgraded operating system, updated capacity, enlarged battery, and others as below.

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Upgraded Operating system: Industry-leading Android 12 based Doke OS 3.0

The Blackview A85 runs on Android 12 based Doke OS 3.0, which sports greater performance and speedier processing while multitasking. In fact, Doke OS 3.0 is upgraded from its precursor Blackview A95  with Doke OS 2.1 based on Android 11, and this new operating system pushes its appeal to an even higher end in this generation. It is fully available to smartphone experts who have high requirements for system stability&security& fluency with stable platforms and efficient software.

Doke OS 3.0 provide an extraordinary platform on which a user can execute programs in a convenient and efficient manner. In detail, it paves the way for achieving the following manifold features: Versatile Desktop, Smart Floating Windows,  Pristine and Inspiring Theme, Multi-layered Dark Mode, Upgraded Notebook,  Smart Pre-Loading, Refined Animation, and  CPU Scheduling.

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Updated Capacity: Octa-core UNISOC T606 &8GB RAM+up to 6GB Expansion &128GB Rom+1TB TF Card

The Blackview A85 is powered by the Octa-core UNISOC T606 chipset paired with a G57 1*Cocre (650MHz) GPU, which is the heart or brain of this smartphone. Octa-core UNISOC T606 is responsible for providing superior image processing quality, maximum performance, and reduced latency while there is the simultaneous execution of several tasks. Further, It is packed with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM, and both are expandable with virtual RAM (+6 GB) and a TF card (up to 1TB), respectively. With added memory, Blackview A85 boosts up the system speed and saves the consumption of battery life. 

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Enlarged Battery: 4480mAh battery with 18W fast charging support

Blackview A85 highly impresses users with its’ 4480mAh battery with 18W fast charging support, giving users a faster, safer, and more efficient charging experience. It’s not common to see phones with massive 4480 mAh power, and you never need to worry about the battery for 6.5 hrs video, 6hrs games, 7.5hrs web, 20hrs music, 18hrs calling, or 720 hrs Standby. When it is time to charge, you do not have to wait too long to get the phone battery up and running thanks to 18W fast charging.

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Other Highlights: Multi-function NFC&Smart-K BOX Speaker

It’s worth mentioning that Blackview A85 added the Multi-function NFC according to the feedback of users so that it’s easy to use Google pay as well as contactless cards. The other thing is Smart-K BOX Speaker which effectively solves the sound distortion problems and presents good quality audio sound. By the way, it definitely supports those basic functions like Face&Finger Unlock, GPS+GLONASS+Beidou+Galileo Navigation, and Shortcut Buttons.

Blackview A85: Cost-Effective price:

Blackview A85 is on its world premiere on AliExpress BlackFriday. What surprised us most is that it is priced at  $109.99 with coupons of up to $10-$20 off. The Deal starts on November 24th and ends on November 29th PST. Let’s get it now.

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