The Blade4000 Power Bank is also an OTG storage device

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Power banks are common these days. We use it to keep our devices powered up when we are far from electric sources. Have you ever imagine a power bank also acting as an external storage device? This startup has got you covered. The Blade4000 power bank is the world’s first with OTG micro SD card reader (8-256GB). This can function as an external storage, and can work for all devices.


Yes. All devices. This power bank is 4000 mAh, then you can use it with any cable (Lightning, Micro-USB or Type-C connectors). You can easily transfer files, across different devices with different operating systems. There’s a companion app that helps you monitor the details of your battery. It available on Apple Store and Google Play for free.

Blade4000 power bank

The Blade4000 Power Bank Specifications

  • Memory Capacity: 8/ 16/ 32/ 64/ 128/ 200/ 256GB
  • Data Cable Type: USB to Lightning/ Type-C/ Micro USB
  • OS Compatibility: iOS 6.1 or above/ Android/ Mac OSX/ Windows XP/ 7/ 8/10
  • Compatible Devices: Apple device, Android device, Camera, GPS, Drone, Gopro
  • Optional Color: Black/ Blue/ Gray
  • Power Capacity: 4000mAh
  • Input/Output: 5V/ 2.4A
  • Warranty: 12 months

Pricing starts at $47.

Find out more about the Blade4000 power bank here.

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  1. The hootoo tripmate sith is by far more feature rich, contains usb to access hdd and other storage devices, serves as a wireless hotspot repeater and contains a 10400mah power bank all for $40 dollars. Source.

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