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A friend mentioned to me that I could block unwanted calls and SMS withMcAfee Antivirus app, so if you are looking for a SPAM call blocking solution, you might be interested in looking at it too.

Everyone finds unwanted calls irritating and annoying. In particular, network operators have become a pest with their robocalls. But they are not the only ones. Entire industries are thriving on the unwanted calls phenomenon.
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I got a tip from @tundeiness yesterday evening about McAfee mobile security on his Sony smartphone being an effective tool in blocking unwanted calls and SMS. Here is his account compiled from his tweets:

So, @Mister_Mobility, I can confidently tell you that McAfee antivirus on Sony Xperia can effectively rid you of unsolicited Text messages. You can filter calls and SMS using McAfee mobile security. Note the keywords in those spam SMS and even the number. Then you can input those keywords and McAfee will filter the rest. Notable keywords are ‘free,’ ‘30555,’ ‘caller tunez’ etc. Since I had the phone and I’ve done the needful, I have rested from SPAM SMS and the likes….#winning

Now, I know that McAfee Antivirus & Security app is available for Android devices. I checked in Play Store, and filtering of calls and SMS is listed as one of the features it offers.

I am not a huge fan of antivirus apps on smartphones. I think they are unnecessary But I do recommend that you look at this one for the sake of the filtering unwanted calls.

block unwanted calls and SM<S with McAfee Antivirus app
Block unwanted calls and SM<S with McAfee Antivirus app
It does not appear that the call blocker feature of the app is available for iPhones and iPads. Support for that feature seems limited to only Android smartphones and Android tablets that can make telephone calls.
To add numbers to your block list, you can punch in the numbers manually, or import from call logs, message list, or contacts. Blocked callers get a Busy tone when they call your line.

If you use an Android smartphone and are tired of the crap that your network throws at you, go get it here.


  1. I’ve always thought having an antivirus on you phone is a silly idea. I haven’t found a compelling use case for one, and even this doesn’t fit the bill. An antivirus just adds unnecessary overhead and give minimal benefit.
    I’m yet to be convinced otherwise

  2. Muyiscoi, I am your classmate here.

    I already have a fair spam filter in DX Toolbox, among its other numerous functions.

    Good tip, nonetheless.

  3. @Muyiscoi Interesting point of view but isn’t it better to be safe (by installing one) than sorry? I mean smart devices these days are more or less like a miniature computer? No?

  4. Nechama April 6, 2016
    How do I unblock a number I once blocked on mcafee mobile security app?

  5. I’ve just find out
    1. From main menu go to “privacy”
    2. Blocked calls
    3. “No list”

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